Going to San Franciso!

Ok so i dont know if any of you remeber but a few months ago I asked for your opinions on going to either San Franciso State University or a university in Sydney Australia. Living in England they are both far away so I was just after the general feel of the places.

So I have decided to go to San Fransico, and I want to know about the things I could and should do while im there. I’ll be there for about 4 months (one semester, I’ve got to do a industrial placement for the rest of the year) so things that would take an hour or so to get to, or even take a weekend, would also be good to hear about.

Thanks in advance


Well, without any clue of what you like to do, I’d say the best thing to do is to go to the Mendocino coastline and Humboldt County to see the Redwoods. Trying to do both is a bit much for a weekend. I’d recommend Mendocino Coast one weekend, and Humboldt the other. In Mendocino, go eat at St. Orres, go visit the beaches, watch the waves, and enjoy the cute towns the dot the coastline. Check out Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, also check out the North Coast Brewing Company, also in Fort Bragg. In Humboldt, go to see as many parks as you can. I recommend Ladybird Johnson Grove, Fern Canyon, and Humboldt State Park.

Another weekend, go to Sequoia State Park. Not as crowded as Yosemite, and incredibly beautiful. See the largest trees in the world. Do not miss the chance to see this.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a good all-day trip.

Other than that, eat at all the good restuarants! Climbing to the top of Telegraph Hill and hanging out at Coit Tower is also pretty nice. Check out Golden Gate Park, the Haight-Ashbury district, the Mission district, Oakland, Berkeley, etc. Go to Vik’s Distributors in Berkeley for some good Chaat (Indian snacks).

BattleBots will be taking place the last week of May on Treasure Island, right next to San Francisco.

I’m a student at SFSU, so let me know if you need a guide around campus.

Get down to the Stanford campus and see the Rodin sculpture garden, see if you can get a tour of the linear accelerator. Half Moon Bay is the same kind of deal as Mendicino, but closer. The beach at Pilar Point, a few miles away, has some of the world’s largest waves in the winter. You won’t be able to see it all in four months full time. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’m still finding great stuff.

I always liked the Exploratorium (experimental science museum) in the city, and the Winchester Mystery House down in the South Bay.

If you’re a footie fan, or just get nostalgic for home sometimes, you’ll want to visit this place from time to time.

Coming from Britain as you do, an hour may be a long time…but in the US, and (moreso?) in California, you can drive an hour for lunch, without thinking about it. Don’t miss out on an interesting experience because it’s 3 hours away and you only have a day to go see it.

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