Going to the NYC area for a weekend - recommendations?

I realize this is kind of last-minute, but I’m going to the New York City area (staying in New Jersey with a friend) and I’ll have the days of Saturday May 17 and Sunday May 18 free. I’ll probably hang around the Penn Station area, unless maybe I can find my way elsewhere.

Any recommendations on stuff to do, in that area or elsewhere? I might like to visit/re-visit some museums and such.

I’d recommend a Doper meetup, but I realize such a thing may not be easy to arrange at so late a date.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is always good.

When I go to NYC every Easter weekend, it’s with my 14-year-old daughter, and we’re all about the food. While walking to and from whatever restaurant, we just bump into other cool stuff to do. Here’s hoping you have beautiful weather for walking!

http://www.ellensstardustdiner.com/ - Broadway and other performers between shows or just off-shift sing and dance on elevated walkways between tables. Sort of loud and chaotic and crowded, but very entertaining.

http://maxbrenner.com/ - everything chocolate, from drinks and desserts to entrees and cocoa-dusted fries!

http://www.johnspizzerianyc.com/ - great pizza, in a renovated church. Best during the day (you can’t enjoy the stained glass windows at night).

Also, there’s a bakery called Crumbs on practically every corner in NYC. I recommend the Squiggle! http://www.crumbs.com/

Have fun!

Wait a week, the fleet will be in: http://www.fleetweeknewyork.com/fleetweeknewyork/

I would recommend getting away from the Penn Station area. Subways go everywhere and are easy to use.

Recommendations include:
Stroll along the High Line. Nice views, interesting people watching, and just a nice stroll.
The south end of the High Line is near the West Village area, which is tons more interesting than the Penn Station area.
When you need to get back to Penn Station to go home, take the subway or a taxi.

Another day’s recommendation:
Take the A or C subway to the first stop in Brooklyn (High Street). Get up on the street, follow the signs to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across it to Manhattan. Nice views of the city on one of the country’s most historic bridges.
Go a little south to South Street Seaport and have lunch or just hang out. There are other eating places in the area.
Continue south to the Battery and the Staten Island Ferry. Get on it toward Staten Island. It’s free! It goes right past the Statue of Liberty (good view from the front outside deck). At Staten Island, get out, and go upstairs to get back on it. It is about a half hour each way.

Those are my favorite things to do with visitors, though I sadly don’t live in the area any more.

I came to suggest the High Line as well, and very close to Chelsea Market, which is fun.

All good stuff so far!! Try picking a few things so you are open to spending more time in one place. Also, plan a few great places for a heavily rainy day ( American Museum of Natural History, backstage tour of the Metropolitan Opera, etc. ) Use the subway !! Fastest way to move around.

Just . . . eat bagels. Lots and lots of bagels. Personally, my favorite place is The Bagel Hole. Swing by Arthur Ave as well - I would recommend just buying ingredients there like a grocery store rather than going to the restaurants (it’s much better value).

Thanks, all!

I’m not sure “swinging by” Arthur Ave from Penn Station is really feasible; that’s a destination already (albeit a worthwhile one).