Going to Vegas - Got some questions

So my wife and I are headed out to Vegas for my cousin’s wedding. I’ve done a search and read a lot about what to do in other threads. However, there was a complete lack of … er, adult things to do. I’m talking strip bars and topless reviews.

Sure I’ll be there with my wife, but there will also be a lot of friends and family. We’ve pretty much already agreed on a night where the guys go one way and the girls go another.

So, what is the best to see? Someone mentioned Little Darlings in a thread from about 2 years ago. Is that still any good? And which topless shows are the best?

Also, though, I do want to get out of the city and see the stars at night. Is there a good place to drive out to and park the car so my wife and I can gaze at the desert sky and be fairly alone? (a couple of my other cousins took me outside of Tuscon once. Since we were all guys, nothing romantic happened. Just downed a case of beer. But to a guy from Chicago, the stars were amazing.)

You might check out www.cheapovegas.com for some suggestions. I seem to recall them having a section for the bars and clubs within each hotel, and they people who run the site are locals. Use their contact feature and ask about the stuff you want to know. I’m sure they’ll be able to set you up.

Have fun!

I haven’t lived in Vegas since 1996 but if it’s still there check out Olympic Gardens (near the Strip). They had a Ladies side & a Guys side, I recall hearing ;). In a place called ‘Sin City’ there is no shortage of strip joints. Have fun!

And just about anywhere in the desert away from the city is nice to see the stars.

Olympic Gardens



Crazy Horse Too


The primo spot for seeing the sky and the whole valley floor lit up is probably Horizon Drive in Henderson.

Easiest way there from the strip is I 15 so.and follow the airport connector (235?)-you’ll see the signs saying right lane passing Tropicana to Russel exits.
Follow this straight (don’t exit for airport) until you hit 93/95 on Lake Mead Blvd.You’ll see the old Reserve now Fiesta casino on the other side of the freeway (about 10 mins+ from airport.).Go south/east one exit (abt 1 mile to Horizon Drive/Road).At this point you’re abt.500-1k ft.above the valley floor.(The peak above you with the radio towers is listed at 3800+ft.)

Anyplace from there heading west(back towards Vegas) you can park alongside road and drink it in.You’ll probably see like minded people parked around there.If it’s a fireworks weekend,you may see a lot camped out at favorite vantage points.I’ve seen tailgaters up there on July 4th.

Topless joints you’re on your own.They’ll all put a dent in your wallet to deliver the same thing.And in none of them will you actually get laid,so what’s the point?

crazy horse too is THE spot. nothing but grade a material there.

If you and the missus really want to get adventurous, take a trip to Pahrump, NV (about an hour west of Vegas) and go to Sheri’s Ranch. That’s right: it is a legal brothel with a wide variety of “adult” entertainment for you. If you Google the brothel’s name, you can find their website. Just a suggestion.:smiley:

I believe the “adult” entertainment you are looking for is directly behind Stardust Hotel on Industrial Road…brand new, supposedly the largest exotic dancer/strip club, used to be a gym, now called Sapphire (sp?).

If you are talking about actual legal houses of prostitution, they are only legal outside of Clark County (any taxi driver can get you there, but it is a bit of a drive).

Be prepared to drop some major dollars at both places.

Want to add,if your into sexual pleasures and coupling the Red Rooster is the swinger’s joint.Ask around or read swinger message boards.I’ve been told as long as you’re a couple they don’t specifically frown on nonparticipation,if that’s your intent.

This from someone who’s never partaken of that particular establishments’pleasures,but know some who do/did.

Thanks for the responses so far. Would it be alright to drive out into the desert and park alongside of the road to look at the stars? I thought about doing that, but I thought I might get a ticket or something.

As far as the legal prostitution, I think I might pass on that. Why pay for what I can get for free. Besides, my wife is better looking than any of the girls that were on that HBO documentery on one of the brothels out there, I forget the name though.

So it looks like Olympic Gardens and Crazy Horse Too should be good places to go for the strip club. What about the show girls? My wife even expressed interest in the showgirls.

The "desert"is basically now patches of unimproved land that a builder hasn’t started yet.At least if you’re talking the Vegas valley bordered by Sunrise and Spring (to the east and west) and the Sheep and Black (to the north and south) mountains.

Maybe the Red Rocks at night.That’s still government land.(west on Charleston)

I live in Vegas and I think the Crazy Horse Too was shut down about a week and a half by a DEA and FBI sting.

Also try a view from the East looking towards the strip on the west. Take Bonanza up to the street the massive LDS temple and get a great view of the city.

With no vouch for quality, as I’m still in the planning stages of my business trip, I noticed the Luxor hotel still had an old-fashioned topless review. Link

The Flamingo has a Topless review (showgirls) after midnight. And I think the Venetian has a nude magic show (at least they used to). Most of the “blue” shows on the strip all start after midnight.

I’ll be there in April and will most likely be checking out the same stuff you are looking into, Shadowfyre :wink:

Another vote for Olympic Gardens. I also recommend avoiding Cheetah’s, it sucks.

Beware of Vegas taxi drivers – don’t take any recommendations from them, don’t buy any “discount” passes they might be selling, and don’t let them talk you into anything. I’ve yet to meet a more consistently crooked group of people.