Gold Coins in TV Offer...

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all those TV ads for US gold coins. As I recall, they’re issued by some mint, but not the US Mint. What’s the SD? Are the ads bunk, and the coins junk?

I often hear ‘gold clad’, meaning they’re some cheap metal with a micron or two of gold plate.

They break my scam detector every time.

I tell more than a few people per day…

Turn off your TV. Don’t buy something you saw on tv or in the newspaper. Don’t buy something over the phone when some guy cold-calls you.

I’ve seen these ads a few times and I noticed that they list the amount of gold on the screen. So I looked up the price of gold and figured out that the gold was less than a dollar’s worth. These coins are only clad with gold; the bulk of the material is made of more common metals, like zinc. So I agree with what’s been said so far: Don’t bother with it.

So, they’re not “sold on on TV” ads…one might say they’re quite literally “made for TV” ads! :smiley: