Most misleading TV commercials

Continuing with the “commercials” theme…

What are the most misleading commercials on television now?

I vote for the “collector’s coins” commercials. First, they tell you about a single coin that’s worth $20 million (or whatever). Then they say, “Now the Collector’s Mint [or whoever] is re-ssuing this famous coin!” for an unbelievably low price. They call it a “Genuine 2 mil gold proof!” The gullible will hear “Genuine Gold Proof!”, and miss the “2 mil” part. That is, the implication is that the coin is actually valuable; not that it has only 2/1000 of an inch (5/100 of a millimeter) of actual gold over a base metal “coin”.

That and any other freakin’ irritating commercial that sells wares for $19.95 that are not available in stores. I reapeat: that are not available in stores. Of course not. Why make your product available to the greatest possible market demography and have all that extra cash cluttering your bank account? And the equation is always the same: (Really fanatical obnoxious host) + (another host who knows absolutely nothing so he or she must ask questions about every aspect of the product)* x (clap on demand audience) = what else is on? (click)
*Seriously, who wants someone selling their product who knows absolutely nothing about the product?

P.S. The misleading part is that the products are 110% crap.

A banana slicer!?

For $19.95!?

Come the f*** on!

This may not fit the spirit of commercial deception in the sense of the OP, but they deserve a rant anywho.

I’ve mentioned this before, but here in the UK, Mars Confectionery launched a brand of little hard candy balls called ‘Aqua Drops’ - the TV commercials (and the actual pack itself) goes on and on about it giving you ‘instant hydration’, except for the slight problem that the product doesn’t actually contain any water.

It makes your mouth water, yes, but it does not and cannot hydrate you, instantly or otherwise. Numerous complaints were filed and the Advertising Standards Authority told them to knock it off.

State lottery ads.

I think the “As Seen On TV” commercials aren’t really misleading, but just bad commercials for stupid products. (Although I have to say that my dad once gave me a Smarth Chopper, and I use it to this day. It’s actually a good, useful “As Seen On TV” product.)

As for the lottery, I don’t see what’s misleading about them. I’ve never seen one where they practically guarantee you’ll win; just what you could do with the money if you did win.

Mangetout" Two words: “Crunchy Frog” :smiley:

I don’t know what it was for, but I only say it once during this year’s Superbowl. It showed Sammuel L. Jackson in a diner, eating some pie. I thought to myself,
“Pie…that’d be sweet right about now. If this is a commerical for pie, I’m sold!”

What was it a commercial for? I don’t know! Insurance, or something! I wanted pie! That commercial got me in the mood for pie and then shattered my dreams!