Golden Compass full trailer

There was a test trailer released a couple of months ago, but this one is the full first teaser. It looks great, too!

Sweeeeeeeet. What is it with New Line’s art department? It’s like they get inside my head and capture perfectly the look I see when I’m reading a great book!

Wow, unless you’ve been to Oxford, you won’t appreciate the impact of seeing my city reimagined. It’s beautiful enough as it is, but crystal towers on the skyline of dreaming spires would really enhance it!

And I want an airship please.

I can’t watch the trailer at work, so this information pleases me.

I actually got shivers up my spine watching that.

Well, I wasn’t inside *your *head, so I can’t be sure it’s going to be the same for you. But yeah, for me they nailed it. I felt the same way about LoTR - I was so grumpy about the idea of a LoTR movie 'cause so many movies just get the look of their books all wrong. So I was terribly pleased when they just plucked it all out of my imagination as I slept and got it all almost exactly right. (Please, don’t ever mention the wargs, however.)

I can’t help being irritated by the renaming of the book/film though.

To me ‘golden compass’ sounds tacky. Compared to ‘Northern Lights’

All the publications of the book I’ve seen in America are titled “The Golden Compass.” Was it called Northern Lights at one time?

It…ah…looked pretty freakin’ good.


The British (original) version was called Northern Lights.

Not sure about the International version.

I believe it was changed for the American market because most Americas don’t know what Northern Lights are.

ETA: It irritates me because it’s a form of knowledge stiflement. Rather than prompt people to find out what something means. It’s better to change it to something they already know.

Same went for ‘Licence to Kill’ (Original title : ‘Licence Revoked’) because people didn’t know what ‘Revoked’ meant. Revoked means ‘taken away’ as 007’s licence to kill was taken away in the film)

Aha…see here for the words of the author himself.

Philip Pullman on the Golden Compass title


Ah I stand corrected/enlightened.

I read the books a while ago and knew the thing to which ‘golden compass’ refers in the title of the first book was not called that. I couldn’t remember what it was called until reading your linked article.

‘alethiometer’ A very nice name for an object.

Ooooo! Me too! And the ‘Mar God of War’ theme didn’t hurt!

Though that was only at the start of the trailer. A bigger musical section (but not total) was James Newton Howard’s wonderful music for Lady in the Water (a not-so-wonderful movie).

I don’t know anything about this series of books (or whatever), but I do look forward to seeing the film.

But “Mars” is always a good way to start anything BIG!

Thanks for the reference.

Peter Jackson must not be very pleased with the opening of the trailer: “In 2001 New Line Cinemas opened the door to Middle Earth”…

It looks really, really sweet though. I wish I could play the music here at the library…

No daemons?

Say it ain’t so!! That’d be like doing LOTR without hobbits!

There were daemons in the trailer.

A snowleopard and a childs (presumably Lyra’s) daemon that changes shape in front of the leopard. It’s a quick shot and it is towards the end of the trailer.

The previous thread of the teaser trailer got me interested so I bought the trilogy. I’m half-way through the first book and I am loving it.

The trilogy is in my summer reading pile.

(And Nicole Kidman is now officially the hottest woman in at least two parallel universes.)

I just looked this movie up on IMBD, and it says that Eric Bana, Kevin Bacon and John Hurt are all cast members, but doesnt say who they will portray. Anyone got any ideas or has someone made a blunder?!