Golden Girls

I have been told that the entire gay population could be typecast into one of the four Golden Girls. I believe the show has a universal appeal. It’s not really true but that is besides the point. When asked which character I most identify with, my immediate response was Sophia (I think she’s the oldest one). Anyway, do you dopers have a Golden Girl that you most identify with.

I assume OldBroad also identifies with Sophia. :wink: We can be sisters in television. :wink:


ps. This is not intended as a flame towards OldBroad.

Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

*SqrlCub: I believe [The Golden Girls] has a universal appeal. *

The only thing it appealed me to do was to changed channels or turn off the tube.

Then why did you respond?


My name is Rose so my ditzy husband always said she was like me. Of course,he was wrong. And he was like (forgot the characters name)Rue McClanahan!

Actually,I’m gonna try to hijack this thing herre…What tv character are You most like? Me, a cross between Felix Unger and Rachael of Friends.

Actually, Sqrl, I’m about the age range of the “girls”, but you’re half right. I’m probably a blend of Blanche & Sophia. Maybe sort of a horny Sophia.

Those who know me “IRL” may agree or not, but I always thought of myself as Sally Rogers (played by Rose Marie), from the old Dick Van Dyke Show.

When I was in high school, though, I was Daria, to a degree that people who have seen the show insist the creators must have grown up with me. Oddly, I DID grow up with one of the people who created Friends, and he definitely based Chandler on himself.

Oy, I hate to say it but I’d probably fit in most with the Bea Arthur character because I can be kind of a grumpy wiseass sometimes.


Dorothy with Sophia rising.