Golf: Replacing divots with sand

When I play golf at some of the local courses here in NJ, we just replace our divits with the chunk of grass that we displaced. However, when I travel to play golf in Florida or Myrtle Beach, they give us a bucket of sand to use. What are the benefits of this? Also, I notice that PGA players’ caddies also just use the displaced chunk of grass.

The grass in the divots usually just dies, even if you replace it. The “sand” usually has grass seed in it.

Divots grow back rather nicely here in Minnesota, but die in the south. The grasses are different. Sometimes it’s pointless to replace the divot if it’s just going to die. Just as pointless as putting sand where the divot does a better job.

But on the public courses I play, the number of lazy asses the don’t do either, as well as leave big honkin ball marks on the green, kind of make it a pointless excercise.

I think it’s more the soil that is different. I suspect that Florida, like most of California, has rather sandy soil (what isn’t mostly water that is :wink: ) and the divot more or less falls apart.