Golf trip coming up; what games to play?

My three college roomies and I are getting together for a golf outing this weekend - two rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday. There will be some very modest wagering and we’d like to do some teaming up, we’ve just got to figure out the best way to do it considering the handicaps:

Player A: 10 handicap
Player B (me): 18 handicap
Player C: probably a 22-24 handicap
Player D: a 26-32 handicap

We’ll probably do a two man scramble our first round w player’s B and C teaming up v A and D. The other two rounds may be best ball, shamble (using the team;s best ball off the tee and then finishing the hole individually). Alternate shot is probably out.

I’ve never really done a match w handicaps, and this is all for fun, bragging rights and the first beer purchase that night, so I’m hoping some of you golfers out there can give me some tips on what games to play, who should give who strokes, etc. thanks!

You can have extra bets with your scramble. Divide it up into three sets of 18. Winner of first 6 gets a prize, winner of second 6 wins a bet, as does the winner for the third. Might even wanna make one for whoever wins two out of three, but that’s just mean.

A good foursome game is to have rotating partners every six holes. I THINK this is what LOUNE was describing, if so, then ignore me.

Each third of the round can be either match play, stroke play or a pairs scramble.