GOMplayer freezing problem

Anyone else have GOMplayer? Recently (it’s been maybe 3 months), I noticed that some of my videos won’t play on it. I can set it to different points in time but it just stays frozen there.

They run fine on Winamp and RealPlayer, but I don’t want to give up completely on GOMplayer, as it has some things I like.

Any suggestions? (The program didn’t recommend any codecs or anything.)

PotPlayer may be more to your liking, it’s probably got all the same features as GOM and KMPlayer, but is newer and more frequently updated.

Anyway, what kind of codec was used to compress them? Are they XviD AVI or MP4 or Quicktime MOV?

Eh. I dunno. Got 'em off YouTube. Most of them play just fine, just some of the later ones.

Will try PotPlayer today, thanks.