GOOD advice from kids' cartoons

Back in my misspent 1970s-80s youth, kids cartoons were fairly moralistic. (My impression is that they’ve changed now; certainly The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy isn’t something you’d want any kid imitating. Usually those lessons being taught in the show were over-obvious and, to be frank, stupid; but every once in a while a cartoon character would supply a bit of wisdom that was actually worthwhile.

For me the one that stands out is from a Smurfs episode (the little blue folk probably being the kings of lesson-teaching on Saturday morning). A magical plague was afflicting the micro-village, and the only cure was on the other side of the forest. A quest was obviously needed, but the only Smurfs Papa had available was Fraidy (second only to Clumsy in uselessness). Sending Fraidy out on his quest, Papa gave him this bit of advice:

Don’t be afraid to be afraid.

I took that to mean “Your fears are a natural thing, and it does no good to deny that you have them; if you do you won’t be able to deal with them. So accept that you’re afraid and then do what has to be done.”

That one always stuck with me. What about the rest of you Dopers?

Pork chop sandwiches!

Fear the Moocow!
I used that as a sig line.

Oooh! Good one!