Good(?) albums overshadowed by bad(?) singles

Perhaps “overplayed singles” would be more appropriate.

A couple come to mind from my high school glory days:

Heart - “Brigade” : All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You
Digital Underground - “Sex Packets” : The Humpty Dance

Random curiosity…do musicians ever consider their songs “overplaid”? I’m sure their record labels don’t. But if a single is beat into the ground to the point that folks aren’t inclined to check out the rest of the album, it seems counter-productive.

And anyone who felt that way about either of the above albums missed out on some decent music, especially in the case of “Sex Packets”. The last 5 tracks on the cd were much more clever and interesting than *The Humpty Dance * could ever hope to be.

Elton John’s Honkey Chateau is considerably better than “Honkey Cat” would leave you to believe.

I like Honkey Cat. But *Rock of the Westies * was a good album, and the only song that got any play was Island Girl.