Good at pep talks? Come help motivate me to do a gross yet unavoidable task

The prize, of course, is you’ll get to laugh to yourself when you picture me doing this.

I have 2 male and 1 female roommates. There’s a boys bathroom downstairs and the girls is up. Boy#1 has an upstairs bedroom, so the three of us use the upstairs, leaving the one boy downtstairs with a bathoom to himsel. We have a policy about cleaning, where everyone is responsible for certain areas. Mine happens to be the upstairs bathroom, being used by 3-5 people on a daily basis. I used to do both bathrooms, but because that barthoom is used soley by Downstairs guy, we count it as part of his private space. He’s filthy in there, and I was so exhausted trying to keep on top of it. I told him he was on his own. I would not clean in there any more. I have held fast my vow. He has a threshhold, he’ll clean it eventually. . .

Only. . . .Not so much. And now, the toilet stinks. Stuff is caked and crusted on. I caught a wiff of the stink all the way in the livingroom.

There is no other option. I must break my vow and clean that toilet. It’s been 6 months, by my count. I just would rather have my eyeballs removed.

What gets you motivated upleasant tasks?

Have you ever cleaned a toilet more than 6 months dirty? Were the colonies inside docile snd slow, or were they prepared to take up arms?

There’s a product called The Works that rips through everything evil in a toilet. Squirt it on and rust and “whatever” disintigrates. Amazing stuff. And you don’t have to get in the evil vessel to get it clean.

You might want to wear a hazmat suit if you’re sensitive to chemicals. This stuff is just short of a nuclear attack.

If it were me, the unpleasant task I’d be steeling myself to do would be to throw the dirty slob out on his ear.

Anyway… my method is simply to say to myself; “You have no choice but to do this, so why not now?” - sometimes it works.


Get yourself a garden trowel, some thick rubber gloves, and your room-mates pillow(s). Scoop from toilet to pillow. Gently lay pillow back on roomys bed, and wait for hilarity (and p…naah) to ensue.

To paraphrase an excellent motivational speech: Let’s wipe one for the Gipper! :smiley:

I know there is no way to make it fun, so at least try to make it quick.

I have no idea if this is helpful or not, but I’ve tried to re-train my brain to not be quite so disgusted by things like that. I’ve had to do some pretty unpleasant cleanups, like the time some punk-ass kid decided to smear feces all over the front window of the company I work for. It was dried, and at first I didn’t realize what it was (we thought maybe it was roofing tar), but once it moistened up a bit it quickly became obvious. I cleaned the whole mess up and washed my hands in a fairly strong bleach solution. Heh… But really, it’s unpleasant, but not horribly so once you gert past the psychological factor.

If you really want to see some nasty stuff, check out Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. I love that show…

Kalhoun nailed it - The Works is about the best stuff there is. Seriously.

HAZMAT gear. 'Nuff said.

And I don’t mean you should wear it. Make HIM wear it (so he doen’t bring objectionable stuff back out with him into the rest of the house), arm him with a couple of bottles of The Works (that stuff really is the best) and some miscellaneous cleaning supplies, then pitch him into the bathroom and let him have at it.

If he fails to clean his own bathroom, have a house meeting. Let him know the bathroom cannot be used to grow bacteria and monsters, and to please clean it up so that it doesn’t infect the rest of the house.

Gak. After six months you just might have WMDs lurking in the potty. :smiley:

Seriously though - let him know the bathroom must be cleaned or the living arrangements might not work out.

Tell him he’ll have plenty of opportunity to live in his own stench when he’s living in a van down by the river.

Just repeat this simple phrase to your self until sufficiently motivated:

Ain’t nothing to it… but to do it!

Just release a live skunk in there and tell him it’s an air freshener.

In our last house, the downstairs Bathroom had a gross Shower. Apparently, only the Teenage son of the prior owners used it.
I broke down, got the “Works” and blasted the entire shower stall with windows open and fans blowing out.
Worked great, too great, it ate the old grout holding the tiles on near the bottom and three tiles went plink, plink, plink.
At least the Shower was clean and Re-grouting isn’t to bad of a job.


If he is the only one who uses it, then why wouldn’t you just tell him that he must clean it? Or tell him you will hire an outside company to come in and sanitize the restroom if it’s not cleaned by Friday and he will be responsible for the bill.

Or instead of a skunk, you could spray the whole place down with a nauseating rose-scented aerosol (yes, the whole can!) and close the door. Plus a dozen vanillaroma trees, glade stick-ons and scented oil poured on the bathroom rug. When he can’t breathe and/or he smells like a “girl” maybe he’ll get a clue.

I’m going to get some of that Works stuff. Since I’m carless today, looks like I’ll have to put it off until tomorrow. I realized I don’t have strong enough cleaners in the house at the moment anyway. (I use the disposable-head toilet brushes upstairs, but they’re meant for regular cleaning, not toxic waster decontamination)

About the roommate. . . yeah, I know, but he’ll only be here a few more months, and is a really good friend. As unpleasant as the toilet is, I’d rather deal with it than pick an ugly fight.

For the time being I doused it with lysol and some unbearably floral febreeze.

You guys might be able to help me. My bathroom sink drain is clogged with a combination of dark slimy gunk and hair from months of shaving. The metal stopper in the sink drain will NOT come out – I’ve tried to unscrew, yank, and pull, and the thing is connected pretty well, blocking me from getting in there to dislodge the gunk. I poured an entire bottle of The Works down the drain, hoping to dissolve the stuff, but I don’t think it had much of an effect. Does anyone have any other ideas for cleaning out a gross sink drain, or at least removing the metal stopper without destroying it? I was thinking that if I can get it off, I can at least scrape out some of that slimy crap with disposable wooden chopsticks, but there must be a better way. Help!

Those metal drain stoppers in bathtub sinks usually have a nut UNDERNEATH the sink that must be removed. See this link for details.

Once you get that out of the way, use a drain auger to unclog the sink. Much better and safer than chemicals. You can find them in a variety of styles at any hardware store.

Get your goddam indolent arse into the bathroom and just clean the freakin’ thing. In the time it took you to post, you could have finished the tub. By the time you stopped back to post again, the sink cold have been done. You don’t need cleaning tips. You need to quit whining and shake the lazy off your butt. Throw on some rags so that you can toss them later, or better yet, go starkers and don’t worry about ruining clothes. You can hop directly in the newly clean shower 30 minutes from now.

Now get your naked, lazy, lethargic, languid, lassitudinous ass in there!

Ah, Drill Sgt style motivation. Nicely done.
“Pyle what is your major malfunction?”


I’ll say it again: Drano Gel. I hadn’t cleaned my shower for 2 years, and a lot of crust had built up. I let some Drano Gel soak there fore ~15 minutes and the crust sprayed right off. (The main ingredients are lye and bleach, so don’t use it your toilet is vulnerable.)

Yeah, it doesn’t specifically recommend it be used just to clean with but sometimes you need to use the nuclear option…

I routinely leave toilets uncleaned for months at a time and they are never, ever, in bad shape. What the hell is he doing in there?

Six months… since he flushed?