Good bass guitar for beginner?

I know guitar and want to learn bass. Any models good to start out on? Or any particular style of bass best to learn on?

Fender J bass. You can get a used one for a few hundred dollars. Classic instrument used by many of the best; timeless design; lots of parts readily available.

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What makes it better than a Precision bass or other models from Ibanez, Yamaha, etc. ? (other than lots of parts available)

I’ve only dabbled in bass, but when I first played, I borrowed a friend’s Hofner-style viola bass, and it felt quite comfortable.

The shorter scale made it easier to reach for notes with my stubby rhythm-guitarist’s fingers, and the body was nice and compact with a tight tone. Not deep enough for funk or R&B music, but a nice sound for rock and blues.

Other basses I’ve played on occasion since (mostly P or J style) have all seemed very massive and unwieldy.

I’m also a guitar player and got a Thunderbird as a gift last year (there’s a thread about it here somewhere) and love playing it. That’s obviously not a technical recommendation, but I can say that the transition was relatively easy.

Lighter would be better and it seems the viola style is lighter.

Great reviews for the new Squier Vintage Modified basses, particularly the Jaguar. It’s a budget bass that’ll take you a long ways. A great review is here.

For under $300, you can’t go wrong. I’ve been playing on one for a few months, and love it. Great versatility of tone, with an easy-to-play J-style neck.

Nobody lists the weights for instruments I guess they don’t think it matters. That’s probably true for many people. I will have to try one in person before I buy.

Not cheap, and not for everyone, but I want one of these so bad I can taste it:

$400 is not bad at all for that small bass. I will have to see if anyone has one locally.

A friend of mine plays bass in her church band; as she’s only 5’2", she has a 3/4 size bass (not sure of the brand). If size / weight are a concern for you, you may want to look into something like that.

Size is not an issue as long as the weight is OK.

The J bass isn’t necessarily better than the P bass; it’s just tonal quality and neck preference. Both the sound and the neck are fatter on the P. With that said, the thinner J neck might be an easier adjustment with regard to your fretting hand.

I think the Ibanez and Yamaha ones are fairly good too, FWIW.

If you don’t mind scrolling through this thread, you can see the weights of some basses listed.

Working on a good reccomendation. Gimmie a bit.
I’ve got to reticulate some splines first.

Tried a Squier Jazz and Precision basses , they are heavy. Found a good Schecter that is lighter but above what I want to pay. There is a cheaper Schecter that I need to try out.

I’m short with small hands - I’d mucked around with basses but the day I got my hands on a short-scale was when I went “wow, I can play this” and did.

I’d have to look & see what kind mine is. It’s a cheapo, but I’m not a serious player. I think I paid $150 or so on sale. I know it’s a 30" - hell to find strings for!

It is also a lot lighter than many basses I’ve picked up, if that’s a concern.

Can’t you buy longer strings and cut them? Or are they too hard to cut?

Rondo’s SX series got decent reviews from people. Cheap, but… cheap.