Good breakfast in NYC

I’m getting into Grand Central tomorrow at 8:43, and am going to be hungry. I have no schedule to keep, so am up for a walk and/or subway ride . . . where’s a tasty place to eat breakfast?

Well, I don’t know that it would rate a special trip from Grand Central, but the wife and I enjoyed the hell out of the Manhattan Diner a couple doors down from the Hotel Newton on Broadway by the 96th Street subway station on the Upper West side. I still remember their Lumberjack Special. Mmmm.

If you have a bottomless wallet, go to the Carnegie Deli and get the corned beef hash.

What sort of breakfast are you looking for? Do you just want to grab something, eat a big meal to get you through the day, or what?

Grand Central has a food court – I’m sorry dining concourse – downstairs. There’s a Zaro’s if you just want a roll and some coffee (their bagels are ok, not great) or, if you like cupcakes for breakfast, a Magnolia’s Bakery stand. On the main level near 42nd street there’s a Financier for french pastry type things (not sure if this location has seating)

Le Pain Quotidien is kind of nice, if you want to sit in a nicer setting than a train station basement (a fancy train station basement, but still) and there’s one at 16 E. 44th (just east of 5th Ave). It’s Belgian (breakfast offerings like breads/pastries, omelettes, waffles, good coffee in a big-ass bowl) and their schtick is they have these big family-sized tables so everyone all shares space and sits near strangers and shit. They have this really good jam and hazelnut spread out on the tables.

You’re welcome :wink:


But go with the first one…

Hm . . . this looks right, and at a price that is right as well!

WordMan, while I’ve got your attention, you just reminded me . . . one task I have for the weekend is to find a cool guitar-related gift for a friend; she plays brainy acoustic folk originals. I was going to go to the Strand or somewhere and try to find an interesting music-related book or something, but maybe you know of some cool music stores (either instruments or albums) that are more unique than if I were to just go online and shop at GC or Amazon?

Bummer just saw the date on this. If it’s not too late, I would check out Academy Records. They have locations on E. 12th and W. 18th St. If you’re downtown Cafe Orlin on St. Mark’s place has amazing breakfast, but I’ve been there for lunch too and the food is fantastic regardless of time of day.

Just seeing this, sorry. Hmm - in Manhattan? Try going to Matt Umanov’s in Grennwich Village - pricey guitars but a few books to check out. In terms of books - well, Dylan’ Chronicles V1 is brilliant.

We’ve not actually been to these shops ourselves, but our Lonely Planet New York mentions Rudy’s Music on West 48th off of Times Square as a shop frequented regularly in the past by Benny Goodman, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, the Who and Bob Dylan among others, with a branch on Broome Street in Soho. And Sam Ash Music, also on West 48th.

Whenever I’m in NY, I must make a pilgrimage to Veselka.

48th St used to be the Music Row; not anymore. Rudy’s is still there and they may have some good books and other cool stuff but its not what it was…