Good-bye to an Equine Friend

Bella was not my horse. She was at the horse rescue I volunteer at, came in as a rescue and was adopted last spring by another volunteer there, a woman who had no previous horse experience.

Bella was the perfect first horse. She was sweet tempered and patient, but would also, like most Appaloosas, push her ‘mom’, test her, and helped Donna on her way to becoming a real horsewoman, not just a passenger.

Bella put up with being dressed up for Halloween. She was a mooch that begged better than any puppy and loved to share the ice from your drink. She would yawn when you tickled her lips.

Today, Bella was lost to colic. Her gut twisted and there was nothing that could be done for her. Her ‘mom’ is devistated and we have all lost a dear friend.

Rest in peace, sweet Bella. You were loved by many, but none more than your mom, Donna. You will never, never be forgotten. :frowning:

I am so sorry, Papsett. I have a friend who lost a miniature horse to colic, and even years later, her voice would catch talking about her horse.

Oh I am so sorry.

Colic sucks. Poor Bella! and poor Donna, to lose her horse friend so unexpectedly. The worst part about loving an animal is having to say goodbye so soon.

I’m so sorry, PapSett. Didn’t your barn lose one to colic last year, too?


They had several colics last year, but no losses. They thought Jinx had colicked but it turned out he had a toumer in his intestines that ruptured.

I am so numb over this, and feel so terrible for Donna. Bella was the first horse she ever rode. She took her first riding lesson on her last spring and a week later, adopted her. My heart is breaking for her.

That’s so sad. :frowning: What a pretty horse Bella was.

:frowning: poor Donna.

I remember you mentioned Bella before, PapSett. She seemed like such a nice animal. Sorry to hear about her passing.

I’m so sorry about Bella. Colic is such a horrible thing for an equine friend. I hope your friend’s heart stops hurting soon.

I’m so very sorry.

Losing ANY pet is devistating but somehow, it’s worse (for me anyway) with a horse. They are truly our partners and leave such a gaping, raw hole. Donna is crushed. I don’t know how to offer comfort. All we can do right now is cry together.

Bella was so loved by everyone that knew her.

I’m sorry for your loss, PapSett. :frowning:

I can see how upset you are. I hope you are happier soon and good on you for being so feeling.