Good first person shooters?

I started playing Rage a couple of days ago and I hate it already. What I hate most about it is that each enemy needs half a magazine to go down. And it doesn’t matter if you manage a headshot, the enemy won’t even flinch and keep charging against you. So it doesn’t pay to aim your shots, just spray the general area of the enemy to bring them down. Besides, they mindlessly charge so fast at you so you don’t have any other option.

Another cheap trick I hate that several id games do all the time is enemies coming from impossible places. When you think you have cleared a room suddenly there’s an enemy hitting you from behind. Upon closer examination you find out that there was a false wall with a niche behind it where the enemy was hiding all that time. One has to wonder, how long was this enemy waiting in that place for the player to arrive? Days? Months? Years? Doom 1 and 2 did that all the time but they were more arcade-y so they were forgiven. Doom 3 also did it and it was annoying as hell.

So, do they make any decent FPS these days?

Battlefield 3 is awesome, but the singleplayer sucks balls.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 was fun, single and multiplayer. I like the characters, there are too many cutscenes but you can skip them.

Frankly, the entire FPS genre has lousy SP. Seems like everything with a SP focus is 3rd-person.

With Skyrim pretty much out the door, reports from Bethesda indicate a new Fallout in the works.

Modern Warfare 3 comes out next week. And because of that, you’ll probably be able to get good deals on the previous editions.


I too am looking for some decent TPS or FPS for PS3. Preferably something that came out a couple years back and can be picked up used.

Thinking about Borderlands.

If a loosely historical game interests you that can go from FPS to TPS, depending on how you aim, and in which your character is not a human, but a tank, give World of Tanks a try. I’ve been having fun with it.

It’s free to play.

We must have played different games because I didn’t have this experience in Rage. Unless you are just mindlessly pumping assault rounds into armored opponents chests, I don’t see how this reflects the actual game. Nearly all enemies in the game can be taken out with a single headshot, early on with Fatboy rounds in the pistol and later with Fat Momma rounds. If the enemy gets the jump on you then switch to the shotgun. If they are armored then use pop rockets. If you found the enemies to be bullet sponges, got frustrated and gave up, you missed out on a lot of the game. Wingsticks are godly too if all else fails. There are far worse flaws in this game to point out than this, heck the game was way too easy as it was.

If I recall, any time this happens, the enemies have gotten through a wall and opened up a new path for you to continue on in the level. They came from the other area; they didn’t just stand there inside a broom closet while their friends were dying. Do you remember which part of the game this was from? I remember thinking that the enemy spawns were pretty fair while playing through it. If you want to point the finger at cheap enemies, look no further than the bandit cars that spawn endlessly.

That’s a good one but the final boss is quite a headache. Not to mention a bit anti-climatic.

Sniper Elite?

STALKER and its sequel & prequel. Accept no substitutes. Unless you have a heart condition or a nervous bladder.

You’re right. I was playing with the assault rifle all the time ignoring the pistol. I gave the pistol a try and yes, a well placed headshot or torso shot is instantly fatal.

Which means the pistol is more powerful than the AR because I can’t kill somebody with a single AR shot. :smack:

Yeah, they do that because the devs are sooo pissed at how awesome Halo works. They know they have to have a game with enemies that won’t go down in just one shot, but they also know they can’t have aliens running around with shields, so they make the horrible mistake of forgetting to add in the headshot when frantically trying to make something that’s not another Rainbow Six. Also they forget that they need to take a lesson from Bethsoft and not just make the game in six months…if they’d just spend five years in development they’d at least have a game half as good as Halo: Combat Evolved (also the devs would need to have the ability to make a good game in the first place, which isn’t something you can buy, it must be earned). :slight_smile:

I love Stalker but the Half Life series is till my favorite for simply beautiful and brilliant gaming.

I just bought Stalker during the Steam Halloween sale and it’s been a great game. I haven’t played Rage so I can’t compare the two but I can say that well-placed headshots in Stalker are generally extremely effective :smiley:

If you decide to try it, most people recommend installing the “Complete 2009” mod pack. Doesn’t change the core game or plot but it updates the graphics, fixes some bugs, adds some quality-of-life functions and tweaks/enhances the enemy AI.

But the DLC more then makes up for that
if you can get a game of the year edition with all the DLC…get it!

For me, the Halo series is the standard in FPS single-player. The campaigns are epic and the sci-f is deep and detailed. Not a big fan of Halo MP though, as there is little variety in weapons or playstyles. It lacks nuance.

Borderlands was mentioned. Loved that game. Its open-world and the weapon variety is unparalleled. Collecting unique guns is endless fun.

In multi-player FPS, for me the Modern Warfare series is the console standard. MW2 specifically, because the maps are outstanding. Good, varied maps on a MP FPS that promote a variety of play-styles can’t be taken for granted.

Im not real impressed with MW3 yet. The maps I’ve played were small and tight and mostly all the same.

Really? I’m disappointed to hear that. I played the MP beta and thought it had potential, but if the SP sucks I may not pick it up.