good free (downloadable) music?

Hi, all. I need new music, and I’m a cheap bastard. Can anyone recommend any good free (legal) downloadable albums?

They don’t have entire albums, but The Funny Music Project puts up new songs quite regularly. You can download them for free for the first couple weeks after they go up, and after that you can still listen to them for free on the site.

*** Ponfrt

The Internet Archive is full of good stuff, if you’re willing to spend some time looking for it.


Check out 1 Million Free and Legal Music Tracks from the Red Ferret Journal.

jamendo has shedloads of legal downloads. Quality is variable, but there’s some good stuff. I quite like the tunes Brad Sucks churns out, which you can get there or from his own site. You can grab it for free or pay what you’d like on his site.

[adult swim] also has four albums that are free to download: Definitive Swim, Warm & Scratchy, Ghostly Swim and African Swim. - I’m shamelessly swiping links posted on MeFi with those four.

Oh, and a warning. The four [adult swim] pages have embedded Flash players streaming music.

Urban Outfitters has free playlists on their website. Indie rock stuff.