Good gift for a 5 year old girl?

My boyfriend’s step-grandaughter is turning five. There’s a pool party for her birthday next week. We’re not usually around small children, so we’re not in the know. What’s a good gift for this little girl?

Based on what my two nieces like: *anything * horse/pony related.

What are you planning to spend?

Little girls of that age adore Polly Pocket. I recommend the Polly Pocket Pony set–I forget the actual name–where you get a purple-maned pony to dress up and a Polly with purple hair streaks. This is a huge hit with every 5-yo girl I know, is available at Target, and costs $10. I just bribed my daughter to stop sucking her thumb with one.

On the same aisle, you will find Littlest Pet Shop, which is pretty similar only with hideously cutesy animals. Also adored.

And yeah, any horse item. Target also sells horse sets. You can get a little purse with about 8 teeny horses in it for $5, or larger horses.

Sparkly things, and/or anything dress-up related, if she’s anything like the 5 year old girls I see around. They come into my store with their moms, wearing plastic tiaras and “jewelry”, little vinyl purses, stick-on earrings, etc. It’s silly and fun and “grown-up”, I guess.

I preferred books and easy little art/craft kits, like paint by numbers and beading kits, and that sort of thing, myself. Etch-a Sketchs and Magnadoodles are cool, too.

Hmm… Thanks for the suggestions. We’re probably looking at around 20 to 30 dollars. I was just reminded of a cute make your own cheeseburger out of chocolate kit that I saw the other day. With the help of parents, you put the chocolate in the microwave and melt it and squirt it into the mold. Is this too advanced for 5?

My son just turned 5. He would LOVE that! He loves to cook and make stuff, and would find the idea of a chocolate cheeseburger hilarious.

And if all else fails, Play Doh is always an option. You can get sets with various cutters and molds and things, or sets with a zillion and one different colors. I’ve seen sparkly Play Doh. I’d think a 5 year old girl would like that.

At the risk of offering up improper gender roles - what’s wrong with a Tonka truck? The Monster loves construction vehicles of all kinds.

Good point. I still think of my little Tonka concrete mixer whenever I see a grown-up one on the street and I’m a grown-ass woman.

I understand that machetes are on sale.

That sounds pretty cool actually. As far as age appropriate, I would say that a lot of that is based on the maturity of the child, but if they are doing it with parental assistance it shouldn’t be a problem. I second the dopers who have voted for anything that involves “make your own…” My nieces and little cousins love creative gifts. From coloring books to make your own jewelry there is a huge range of quality stuff out there that will help them develop.

Legos are always a good choice. They are labeled by age, and you can get something for a girl or non-gender-specific if you want.

I love to buy books for kid’s presents.

At 4, my “cool uncle” got me my own Tonka truck. I was already well on my way to perennial toboyhood at 4. Let it suffice to say I would NOT have wanted anything that came in a shade of pink (ie nearly anything made for girls).

My Tonka dump truck is orange. I still have it.

OTOH, ponies were a fairly safe bet for me at any age. So, if you just can’t get behind the Tonka, I second something horse related – a book about horses, a Breyer model horse, maybe a horse stuffed animal…

Moon Sand. It never dries out!

Along the same lines…a chalkboard, an eraser, and some colored chalks. When I was a little girl, I would draw on mine for hours! You can get a very nice one in the price range you described.

My almost five year old loves to string beads. The “Melissa and Doug” toy people have a cool set of wooden beads with letters and stars and hearts etc.