Good god almighty, is it 5:30 yet?

I hate the first week back from vacation.

And I hate trying to balance work assignments when we’re short staffed (plus trying to train someone).

Could someone come in and wave a wand and make some of these jobs go away?





You are back on vacation.



Damn, that’s amazing!

Now, how about the 10 pounds I need to lose? :smiley:

I have had nothing to do since 11:30 this morning. I have had nothing to do but answer the phones since 1:00. The phones that aren’t ringing today.

I can’t stand it anymore.

Do you know anything about editing puzzles? Because I could come up with two or three ways to keep you busy…

Sorry, for that I have to charge extra.

I know nothing about editing puzzles, but I’m a quick learner. :slight_smile:

And all my e-mail friends are on summer hours and have already left. Woe is me.

I was on vacation last week, too, and it’s amazing what you find waiting for you Monday morning.

As for puzzles, I do a lot of them, does that count for anything? (Well, not this week, what with the work left over from last week and various home things, but normally…)

I’ve been off on sick-leave since June 23. They tell me I won’t be back before mid-September. I’ll I can think is, Og Almighty, isn’t it September yet? Heck, I’ll just be happy when, at the end of August, the let me eat again! :slight_smile:

Hope next week is better for you.

Well, the last half hour was spent trying to figure out how three people were going to do five people’s worth of work.

I decided inspiration would probably strike if I looked at it with fresh eyes on Monday morning. :smiley:

Each person does an extra 2/3 of their normal workload. Duh.

Um, you do realize that I’m one of those people?

Now you see why I’m looking for wand action. So to speak.

Well, it took me an hour and a half this morning to figure out – it can’t be done. Everything’s going out a week late.

Oh well.

That’s okay … you tried. A week late’s better than a month late, right? :slight_smile:

I am so tired that I can barely work my phone. So I repeat, is it 5:30 yet?