Good God--who teaches "Buffy" classes?

Well, apparently Lauren teaches Buffy classes. What’s even better is that I’m signed up for it.

Oh yeah.

And I didn’t have to spend any money (well, not outright in this case) because I attend the university.

Mad props to my wife, auntie em for letting me know of this class’ existence. :wink:

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Next semester, we’ll study all the social commentary in Angel!


I wish I had your problem Homebrew… I weep for the modern American college student.

Laugh! Or cry. But if you’re in Kansas City around the 25th, sign up for the class and take it with me. I think Lauren would absoultely looooove to have a class full of Dopers. :smiley:

And to set the record straight for poor (possibly maligned) Lauren: these “Communiversity” classes are sessions (usually only one for one evening) that can be taught by any person regardless of his educational background (I think). The “students” receive no credit and, other than the fact that they are held on a university’s campus, there is no connection with the university.

Which is why we see classes for belly dancing, psuedo-science such as “holistic” health (and other quack, alternative medicine classes), couples massage, and photography for pets and their people. It’s all in good fun.

And they better have an Angel class, Avalonian! :slight_smile:

Enjoy, SkipMagic… I hope you know I was just joshin’ ya. :wink:

Teaching from a pop-media perspective is perfectly legitimate, and there are very few examples of television that would lend themselves as well to such examination as Buffy.

Good grief. And here I thought I was a loser for pursuing my master’s degree in Star Trek.

Eh? I thought you were (ahem) Jossin’ me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno… after reading some of the more vitriolic threads–here in Cafe Society–on the matter, I’d say that loserdome looming on the horizon depends on which Star Trek you like. :slight_smile:

I am seething with jealousy.

Heck, I may plan and offer a Buffy class at LSU. (They call 'em “leisure classes” here.)

Perchance iss there a class offering for “Introduction to the Modern Blurb” that Buffy herself (yes, I know she’s a fictional character) could take? :slight_smile:

What he said.

If you’re going to teach television (and really, there’s no reason not to; it’s the single biggest influence on culture in modern America), you might as well teach one of the best.

After this, I want to tackle the frickin’ conference they’re having in Nashville.

Take minute and read some of the papers they’ve written.

It makes me think my fannity was nothing–I mean nothing!–compared to theirs. I feel so… inadequate. :wink:

Well, I’m jealous.

I took this one at the University of Minnesota for credit:

ARTH 3575. The Art of Walt Disney in American Culture.

(4.0 cr)

Walt Disney, his companies, and the influence of their products on 20th century American culture. Animation, architecture, city planning, the relationship between the fine arts and popular culture, and the creation of art under industrial conditions of collaboration and profit.

Effective: Fall 1999

Talk about jealousy: I wish I’d be able to recieve credit for my class, much like Dangerosa did.

Oh, but here’s something almost as good! The class lasts not but one night (as I originally thought), but, instead, is stretched out over a few week’s time. This is soooo much better than the bowling league I joined a few years back. Well, the women will be cuter, I imagine. (And if it’s just a bunch of us nerdy guys showing up for the class, then the women on the screen will be cuter. Silver lining, folks, silver-friggin’–lining.)