Good Judge of Maturity?

This has been posted on my fridge for so long I have no idea where I found it:
Maturity is:

  1. The ability to stick with a job until it’s finished.

  2. The ability to do a job without being supervised.

  3. The ability to carry money without spending it.

  4. The ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.
    For me, numbers 1 and 2 are easy (especially since I retired–around home is another story), and I’m very frugal so #3 is no problem, but the word “wanting” in #4 is what I have the most trouble with–I can bear an injustice, but . . .

How about you?

And do you think the list covers all it should?

I think it should also include “Keeping your mouth shut instead of saying something stupid.”

I think it’s all in what you would consider “getting even”. For instance, a loose friend, some time back, screwed me over. Rather than trying to “get even” (ie - going to kick him in the shins, or something), which would be immature, I simply stopped associating with him, which is… what? I guess that’s a mature reaction…

Now, who wants to watch cartoons?

I have to disagree a little bit.

  1. Sometimes realizing that a job is unfinishable is the most mature thing.

  2. No issue with this one.

  3. Recognizing what money IS, that’s maturity. It’s probably easier to just reduce it to one phrase like this, but I wish there were as succinct a way to say, “You should be able to respinsibly indulge the GTH (Gots To Have) urge while paying all the bills and saving something.”

  4. You can WANT to get even all you want. That’s natural. And suppressing the urge is immature. But indulging it is even more immature, and recognizing that is a sign of maturity.
    In short, it’s my belief that your list is short and reasonably accurate, and if that starts someone who reads it on the path to self-examination and mature thinking, then it’s done its job.

I actually just thought of this the other day. Its my very own Maturity Indicator ™

A person is mature when they can realize the point where they’ve crossed the line from funny to annoying.

I mean, it sounds like a dumb theory, but think about it. Think about that person that you know that never stops doing that one stupid thing/telling the stupid joke that no one thinks is funny anymore. Now think about that person as a whole. I bet they aren’t very mature. A mature person knows when to stop.

I’d say a good test of maturity is how long it takes to realize that one has lost an argument. Also, with a respectful nod to phall0106, maturity *can be * keeping your mouth shut instead of saying something smart, too.

I think a key part of maturity is the ability to admit when you are wrong and apologize if appropriate.

Real maturity is knowing that you don’t always have to be mature.

I do wish I was better at #2 and 3, but I think maturity is knowing the right time for the right response, ineffable as that is. For example:

But sometimes, the smart thing to do is stop banging your head against a wall.

Most of the time, sure, but it’s important to be able to accept help.

Very hard to argue with that, although it’s nice to give for yourself or other people sometimes.

This is actually the one I’m least keen on. It’s a matter of proportionality. Sure, overlooking something trivial can be a virtue. But if anything, I think people tend to ‘go along to get along’ a bit too much.

I have this too. I think I got it from Dear Abby or Ann Landers.