What separates men from boys?

Personally: Stepping up to one’s responsibilities without whining, complaining, or thinking it makes you special. Taking responsibility for your own life, and not blaming someone else for it. Protecting those who can’t protect themselves. Conducting one’s personal affairs with class and dignity. Doing what has to be done, even if it hurts. Paying your own bills.

Hmm. Nothing terribly unique to men alone here! Any suggestions?

Then why not title your thread “what separates adults from children?” unless all you want is a discussion of what constitutes masculinity.

The cost of the toys; seriously. From hobbies to what we spend our money on that is the main difference I saw in my life. Yeah, responsibility and all that comes into play but most can be pigeonholed into one or more categories of the above.

No, that’s just a matter of having access to more money. Give a kid or an immature adult more money and they’ll spend more on toys.

The sign of financial adulthood is when you spend your money on the things you need before you spend any money on the things you want.

Absolutely true. Plus, of course, the ability to buy them yourself instead of begging your parents for them.

The “responsibility” meme is just code for “a more in-depth perception of the consequences of misbehaving”.

And the dislike of government and the “nanny state” is of course a transference of the dislike of parental authority.

If anyone has ever wondered why they grow to a ripe old age and still have childish inclinations, there you are. One of my favorite philosophers, disguised as a humorist named Dave Barry, once described one of the singular events of his adulthood as a married man with children and an enviable job as a syndicated columnist based in one of the nation’s top newspapers. It consisted of firing a potato gun off the roof of his newspaper’s building.

Eh. Maybe the willingness to put personal interests second and focus on responsibility first (career, family, children).

Other than that, not much.

Because that’s not a saying?

But, note that Barry drew a distinction between “men” and “guys.”

According to jokes about various group* x*, a crowbar.

(As for the original question, asking what differentiates one vaguely defined group from another vaguely defined group is going to generate at least as many answers as there are posters.)

According to one person I know it is owning and wearing shoes that aren’t sneakers. I told her I thought it was not allowing others to dictate my worth based on sartorial choices. :slight_smile:

The very brief period that marks the transition is when your erections last an appropriate length of time.

Except that all three of those responsibilities are at least partly voluntary. No one NEEDS to have a family or children, and what constitutes a “career” anyway? I have a job most people consider a career, but I’ve got a suspicion that my parents don’t consider me an “adult” because I’ve never been married, have no kids, and don’t own a house, mostly all through my own free will.

I suspect kids/marriage/house = adulthood to a great many people, regardless of age or maturity. Can’t put my finger on why I think that, it’s just a feeling.

Nothing wrong with either one, or both at once. This is MPSIMS, not Great Debates.

Maybe because there’s a maturity progression from someone else being responsible for you, to you being responsible for yourself, to you being responsible for something or someone else in addition to just yourself.

Taking on commitments like those, and successfully following through on them, takes a certain level of maturity. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with not deciding not to take on those commitments in the first place, but it might mean you’re less “mature” than those who do, or it might just make it harder for people to judge how mature you are.

“Successfully following through on them” is a very nebulous concept. Who is to say when that occurs? Or how to tell? Is it when all the kids are 18? If they all graduate from college? If none ever go to jail? That’s why I think that entire concept is just cultural propaganda. It’s just an easy way to judge someone by some standard that at its heart is random.

The most common woman’s perspective?

Very, very little.

Most of the women I know expect very little out of men in terms of things like impulse control, taking emotional responsibility, cleaning up after themselves, taking care of others, and other markers that women think of signs of adulthood. Those that do, learn not to.

A child wants to eat just hamburgers and pizza every day for a week. I actually did that a few months ago, but it was because I had to use up some ground beef and mozzarella before they went bad.

That’s rather insulting.

That’s extremely insulting. Shall I also say that most men I know expect very little from women in terms of intelligence, rational thinking, and driving ability? No, I can’t say that because most men I know don’t think that way. But perhaps the men I know are more mature than the women Ulfreida knows.

I think of them as signs of adulthood in women and men, and just as high a percentage of men meet them in my life as women.

I guess I’m fortunate that the women in my life are not the most common ones.