Good Midwest web host that has Fantastico?

Hi, I’m located in a Chicago suburb, and I’m looking for a web host that uses Fantastico so I can easily install and upgrade SugarCRM and Mambo.

This would be for work purposes. I personally have an account with BlueHost which is something like $8.95 / month but I’m looking for something a little more high-powered as I find navigating around SugarCRM is slow.

I’m assuming a host geographically close to me would be better to cut down on latency - everyone accessing this would be in the Chicago or Milwaukee area.


OK, no responses. Let’s open this up a bit - what hosting company would you recommend that has Fantastico (or some other installation utility that will take care of installing Mambo and Sugar). It doesn’t have to be in the Midwest.


See if meets your needs. It has Fantastico.

Jaguarpc llc


its in huston texas, so its sorta midwest and I have my domain with them and use fastistico for the seamless installs that I dont have the patience to do manually.