Good moist low(ish)-fat coffee cake recipes?

So I got it into my head that I want to make coffee cake for myself and I’ve been looking for recipes online, but they’re all giving me heart attacks through my computer screen. Like this one from Ina Garten sounds delicious, but seriously…3 sticks of butter AND 1.25 cups of sour cream? Let me book my hospital bed ahead right now. Every recipe I find calls for about that much butter and/or sour cream, too.

Does anyone have any recipes for a moist coffee cake (with a great crumbly topping) that is relatively low fat? I’m house-sitting for the next few weeks away from family and friends, so I’d be eating this baby all by myself and want to limit my risk of clogged arteries if I can.

Try this one, or this one.

Thanks! That apple cake looks fantastic (and I wonder if I can substitute fat-free plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream to be even more health-conscious…)