Good Morning America

I don’t usually catch the morning “news” shows. I’m either working or catching up on my sleep. When I do happen to see one it’s usually while getting breakfast and they usually have on the Today Show. Today I saw Good Morning America for the first time in years. What the hell happened? The audience is out of control. Every other sentence was interrupted with loud applause and deafening woo girls. It’s obviously not natural. They prep the audience to act this way. How long has this been going on? Was it a gradual change or did one day someone decided that yelling woo was a great idea? It is completely unwatchable.

I’ve watched from the days of Joan and Charlie to now.

How are ya? Don’t you know me? I’m your native son. (Excuse me)

Anything with Kathie Lee Loudmouth gets ignored.

Like Porn, It’s much better with the sound off.

Americans have been growing dumber with each passing year since, oh, around 1968. And it ain’t gettin’ better any time soon. :mad:

I’ve been watching GMA for eons now. They started with the live audience woo-woo applause happy incarnation a few years ago, but it’s really ramped up the last couple of years. Fridays during the summer are intolerable. They sponsor a free concert, and every time they cut to the stage the audience there goes completely nuts.

When I was a kid, I remember David Hartman and Nancy Dussault (later Sandy Hill). Weather by John Coleman, news by Steve Bell. Kathie Lee Johnson did puff pieces.

The first half-hour of GMA is at least generally news-centric. The next half-hour cranks up the human interest puff pieces, the Lara Spencer, extra-goofy Strahan.

After that, they bring in the audience, and it’s damn near unwatchable.

Isn’t that the extra Today show hours, with Hoda and lots of morning wine?

You’re probably right; I don’t watch that either. I see KLG strictly by accident–breakfast in a hotel; eat fast, get out.

My guess is that the WOOO! WOOO! is controlled by the technical director up in the booth.

You do realize, of course, that each seat is wired with a zapulator.

Is that still on? I stopped tuning in when Erma Bombeck dropped off the show in what, 1986?