I pit the producers who let the public flash their wares on morning news!

I had a battle with myself about which morning ilk to watch. Good Morning America or The Today Show. I have consistantly liked GMA because I felt the reporting and story lines were slightly better journalistically and the news is filmed in a studio…I do not like the Today Show because when they film there is a window behind them with tinted glass where the public can wave their hands, show you signs for Auntie Marge’s 66th Birthday and let you know that the entire highschool bowling team from Deer Lick Indiana is there to get on tv for their 3 seconds of fame.

I have nothing against the public getting on tv for 3 seconds and telling the entire U.S of A that their birthday is today…nothing wrong with that at all.

But I feel it is distracting from sometimes serious topics when the president of Nigeria is being interviewed by Matt Lauer and there are people making faces and throwing their hands up in the background. Why can’t they film interviews in a studio with no windows of distraction.

Anyone else get distracted by this?

Somebody needs to tape a sign to Matt’s back that says



I bet that’d fix it.

Damn, I thought this thread was going to be about flashing their pubic wares in the morning. This thread sucks.

I agree that the whole thing is stupid, but i’m also of the opinion that Matt Lauer is such a useless lightweight, and the Today show is such fucking pap, that having some slack-jawed midwesterners in the background doesn’t really make it any worse.

Are the wares large and jiggly?

True - he is a dolt.

Sometimes, yes. I remember the camera rolling past several people awhile ago and two guys running to try and catch up with it. When they did they began french kissing for about 1.5 seconds. I laughed my ass off because not only did they beat the censors but they got their way…not if more people did things like that and got away with it I’d be much more happy and might watch that station once in awhile…

I’d be more concerned and angry that these institutions are funded by major players of the national security state which egg on the populous for more war through propaganda. But that’s just me.

Me too, but I have a thing for Diane Sawyer. :slight_smile:

I KNOW! And it’s totally working. The public is screaming for more soldiers to be sent to Iraq, and any day now, we’ll be rolling troops into Iran.


Yeah, real farfetched, huh? You better readjust those blinders, mate.

Fuck yeah. Any of the other morning shows are at least marginally factual, relevant, or at the very least, entertaining.

Populace. And I don’t think it’s working. :cool:

Something I wanted to do but never put together was to get a bunch of people together and act like there was a zombie outbreak in New York raiding the Today show.

Seems to me they’ll show just about anything not involving nudity or cusswords. One morning several years ago, some technicians’ union put picketers outside Today’s glassed-in studio with big yellow signs reading NBC IS UNION BUSTING! The cameras tended to “take” somewhere else whenever one of the signs popped up in the crowd, but they kept right on shooting the crowd, leading to several reappearances of the picket signs.

I doubt I’d be able to tell the difference between that and the regular people outside the window.

You’d need big signs reading BRAAAAIIIIINNNNSSSS!!!111!!1

Isn’t that from a Will and Grace episode?