Good Morning News

Is there a decent morning news show?

Today seems to be all fluff.
GMA is better but still a little to Human Interest oriented to my taste.
Is there a morning news program that concentrates on, you know, the news?

Not exactly a morning news program but I listen to either NPR or CSPAN on my drive to work in the morning. NPR is reasonably good. CSPAN with their morning call-in on various topics of discussion makes me feel like the world is full of morons. That includes callers who are ostensibly in line with my socio-political bent. I don’t understand the point of giving idiots a national radio voice without a follow up comment to point out their bias or ignorance of whatever subject they just displayed their abject stupidity about.

Assuming you have cable, BBC America has their world news feed on from I think 5-7 central time. So probably too early if you’re on the west coast, but not too bad from central time on east.

Of course, every once in a while you’ll tune in for some hard news and they’ll be doing wall-to-wall coverage of some sort of royal family BS or some other big story of limited non-Anglo interest.

I’ll have to check that out.

We used to like Imus In the Morning but he went bizzaro and showed his butt. Now it’s HLN.

CBS This Morning is trying a more hard news slant, although the “death warmed over” presentation by Charlie Rose and Gayle King’s “I have to make up for Charlie Rose being so dull” personality is definitely not to everyone’s liking.

Seconded on the BBC morning show. Not fluff, but there may be some scandal-raising.

NPR does a good job, but their long stories are both good and bad. Most are good because they are interesting, but some are bad because I am personally not interested in the subject matter.