GOOD movies you'd like to see MST3K'd

Simply because you have a favorite scene or two that you feel is just begging for a comment from Tom Servo and co.

Mine is from Valley of the Gwangi (and I won’t debate whether it’s a good movie or not). In the scene whereThe balloon lifts the curtain off the cage and the spectators see the screaming dwarf in the jaws of the T-rex. At this point, Tom should shout “Ole!”

Night Must Fall (1937). OK, it’s not science, but it is a mystery (a pretty good one, though all 3 of the main characters deserve a ruthless roasting).

Anything is MST-worthy.

I can’t recall the last time I sat through a movie without thinking of at least a few well-timed barbs that would’ve suited Mike and the Bots to a tee.

Hence the inherent beauty of the show. We’ve all been those guys.

But surely some movies are more equal than others? What was the one movie with Bill Pullman, Betty White, and a large crocodile? … Lake Placid! (thanks, IMDB)

Dam’ straight, sir.

I can sit through almost any grade-B 1930s potboiler you see on Turner Classic Movies at 3:30am (as long as it doesn’t involve cowboys or Shirley Temple). But many’s the time I’ve found myself sassing back to the set. Sometimes in three distinct voices.

In Tron, when the super duper computer is being shown for the first time, the engineer says “The computer will do all your thinking for you!” At which time I pipe in “It runs Windows!”