Play MST For Me (3000, that is)

Some guy named “Joel” has started up another Kickstarter campaign to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000(not gonna link to it-real fans will find it on their own). First goal is $2 million, and the plan is to skip network broadcast entirely and create a “virtual theater”, aka video podcast. The more money they raise, the more episodes get made. While I love the idea I wonder if all the movie mockery competition out there, some of it their own, will be a problem.
What do y’all think?

Mike was way funnier.

Unfortunately Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy are doing Rifftrax.

Leave The Bronx!

I think it’s a hard format to keep fresh. I was a big fan of MST3K in its early years and many of the episodes were as hilariously well done as the movies they were riffing were bad. The basic premise was ingenious, but you can only go so far with it. I had copies of many of the early episodes and it’s my regret that they’re long since lost.

I have a large collection on VHS, which I am now unable to play and therefore may as well be lost despite sitting right there.

Isn’t the original MST3K on Netflix? I think it used to be, at least, when the new version was also on Netflix.

There are quite a few MST3K on YouTube, perfectly watchable with an ad blocker. Also a few on Amazon Prime last I checked.

Also, PlutoTV has both a MST3K and Rifftrax channel, it’s not on demand but just streams them 24/7 as far as I can tell.

As far as MST3K, I really enjoy Mike, Kevin, and Bill more than I did the robot skits, so I’m a Rifftrax guy now.

Joel was great too, his sarcastic deadpan was good.

Amazon Prime Video has several Rifftrax movies. I watched one a couple weeks ago and I enjoyed experiencing the snarkiness without that annoying silhouette of the seats, the guy and the robots at the bottom of the screen.

Joel had the better skits while Mike was better in the movies. The Mike skits as the show went on became worse and worse until they almost became unwatchable in the SyFy channel years.

Since I was a bigger fan of Mike, just delivery and humor wise, back around maybe 2002 or something I bought these dvds off eBay that were some somebody had just burned on their computer apparently but I have all the seasons with Mike on them in a box, I’m surprised I haven’t lose them over the years. They still seem to play ok and all.

Good news! VCR’s are back, sort of.

I saw Joel when he was live touring with the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour recently (and the 30th-anniversary tour the year before), and it was still a good time (maybe even a better time with a room full of people). I like the new characters they have, and I think they have made some positive changes. We have noticed that sometimes lately it feels like the characters are just riffing into the void and not off of each other (which wasn’t an issue on the tours), so I hope they go back to more conversational style riffing.

I was only so-so on the latest Netflix episodes, but my partner loves them all and gives to every kickstarter. (But he’s also a mega fan, to the point of skipping Thanksgiving so he can just watch the marathon all day). I also like Rifftrax but haven’t watched too many of them; but the dumb robots will always have a safe place in my heart.