Good Music To Fall Asleep To

What are some good songs that are nice and soothing, good to drift off with? And I don’t mean insipid music like muzak, just songs you deem to be nice and sleepish. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Dire Straits Brothers in arms can take you away, you might wake up during the third to last song.
Vivaldi’s guitar concerto in G is good
There is a couple of pieces from Cosmos one with a French name and another calledFly night Bird I think.
Sorry I can’t remembr those titles exactly, hope others can help

Enya’s Watermark puts me to sleep every time. I’ve never made it all the way through the CD in one listen.

I don’t think I’ve ever made it through all of Radiohead’s Kid A. Guaranteed to put you to sleep or your money back!

On long car trips I usually pipe Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park) through my headphones and fall asleep… though I think it’s more conditioning than anything else :smiley:

Pachabel’s Canon in D on repeat also does it for me.

Hmm…I don’t necessarily mean songs that actually aid you in sleeping, but more ones that well complement a sleepy, relaxed mood. :slight_smile:

Daniel Lanois’ new album Shine is pretty good if you’re in a sleepy mood. It’s full of soft, beautiful atmospheres, and half of it is instrumental.

Bjork - “my headphones”

The Orb’s “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” is some of the most relaxing stuff I know of. Even when you’re, er, sober, to put it legally.

Not me! I always find that if I put it on late at night, How to Disappear Completely and Treefingers will put me in a beautiful trance before I’m rudely jerked back to the world of the awake by the opening riff of Optimistic. It’s the musical equivalent of a bucket of cold water being tipped over your head.

You will not be able to stay awake through this.The Pachabel’s Canon with Ocean Sounds But I think that’s what they intended.

Brian Eno’s Music for Airports.

I made a tape of The Doors’ Riders on the Storm and followed it with a recording of a thunderstorm. Love it!

When I was in college my roommate used to play Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto each night as we were drifting off. After she left, I had to go out and buy the piece so that I could get some sleep again.

I always put on something like “Pure Moods” or “The Essential World Disc 1999” which oddly enough you can purchase here now. :slight_smile:

The Tindersticks’ self-titled album, and their greatest hits compilation Donkeys. Think somewhere between Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, but British, heavy on strings and with a nasty sense of humour that cuts through the gloom.

I did not realize that “Pure Moods” was so hard to find, so here’s a link to the album I mean. There are sound samples on both the links I provided.

Bah! Why can’t I get the link to work? :frowning: Copying and pasting it seems to work, so here goes.,pid:1921206647,pdid:2,t:1,ht:1,pos:1,date:20030601,srch:kw&__yltc=s:53117439,d:15415387,src:srch,v:10,w:t,k:pure_moods,pos:1,ppos:1

Aha! I see, I’ll turn off smilies, and see if that works. blush Fixed link at last?

I usually fall asleep to any of the following:

Chopin’s nocturnes (op. 9 no. 1 and no. 2 being my favorites)
Neu! - Neu! or Neu! 75
Tortoise - Millions Living Now Will Never Die
Massive Attack -Mezzanine
Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet
Anima Sound System - Hungarian Astronaut

Actually, a lot of these have a fairly pulsing beat, and some can get a bit rockin’, but I find that for me, these have the right effect, but YMMV. The last one is a bit obscure, but is available in the West…quite minimalist, folk-influence, dub/drum-and-bass sort of thing.

My top, number one of all time go-to-sleep-in-a-pleasant-mood music would be the Boards of Canada album Music Has the Right to Children. Lovely stuff.

I find the Depeche Mode album Violator works a treat as well.