Good news for Tuckerfan and others: Chrysler has abandoned the new Imperial!

Well, it’s not like it was a very pretty car to begin with. (Though I do like the rims on it.) I am sorry that they’re not going to be reviving the Imperial nameplate as those were some seriously nice cars back in the day. You used to be able to order them with built-in turntables and 8-track tape recorders!

Chrysler’s in big trouble. They might NEVER get to making the Imperial again.

Well, they did just ink a deal with a Chinese company.

Of course, that hasn’t inspired anyone to buy their debt.

If the Chinese built cars prove popular, then it should give Chrysler an insanely huge profit margin on them.

Right. It’s the deal with Cerebrus that’s going down. The banks all tanked in the market today and Chrysler is going to have a tough time making it all work.

Aw, hell. It was freaking gorgeous. I saw it in person… lemme see if I put it on Photobucket.

I swear to god, the first thing people saw when they looked at it, was “That looks like a Bentley.”
The second was “Chrysler has never had a real luxury car. They make that, it’s a license to print money.”

Good god, that’s hideous. It looks liked a chopped Escalade.

Does it have suicide doors?

Rear doors, yes.