Good News -- NORAD will Still be Tracking Santa this year

I’m glad they’re being safe, and keeping up the tradition.

I just hope The Big Guy is using hand sanitizer between visits, and is keeping his mask on throughout.

Even Santa Magic is no match for COVID. And he has to be at high risk, given his age.

Hermey shoulda gone into Epidemic Response instead of Dentistry.

And his weight . Most likely also diabetic from all those cookies he eats.

Not to mention his age and weight.

I do hope they’ve worked out the wonky bugs from last year, causing Santa to ride over huge abysses and cliffs.

Santa had better wear a mask this year. Visiting nearly every house in the world, he could be a major transmission vector.

… as I said in the OP

Sorry Santa, no kissing Mommy this year!

Santa has had a cold before–it’s why he couldn’t go out one year. So he does seem suceptible to diseases. However, since he’s immortal, it doesn’t seem he can die from them. He also travels everywhere in 24 hours, and is only there for less than a second in each house and goes nowhere near any of the other humans, so he is so unlikely to both have incubated and spread the virus to anyone/

So as long as he quarantines when he gets back, staying away from any humans and possibly elves for a couple weeks (or after symptoms subside), he’s likely to be fine.