Good Old Games shuts down

The web site for Good Old Games has shut down. They’ve promised that they will put in place this week a service that allows users to re-download their games.

I think it’s a shame. It is, or was, a great way to play the older stuff on modern computers. I actually bought the Might & Magic millenium edition off ebay a few years back, but couldn’t get it to run on my computer, so I picked up the GOG version, which works fine with Windows XP.

The website says "This doesn’t mean the idea behind is gone forever. We’re closing down the service and putting this era behind us as new challenges await. ", which makes me wonder if they will re-open in some form or another. I would love to see them re-open, I am really bummed that I may not get another change to play “Out of this world” and a few others. Shoulda picked it up while I had the chance…

I keep hearing that this is a terrible marketing ploy for the end of their beta. While I hope that isn’t the case because I like what GOG does and that’s going to piss a lot of people off, I hope it is the case that they’re not really gone.

It is “clever” marketing for the end of their beta.

not sure how I feel about the bait and switch, but there’s good news in the ends. A better service, more game. They’re bringing in Planescape Torment, the Baldur’s Gate Series, the Neverwinter nights series, and other new(old) IP’s.

This is one of the dumbest publicity stunts ever, in my mind. Though I guess it’s really putting the idea of “there’s no such thing as bad press” to the test. We’ll see, I suppose. I don’t really see this hurting them in the long run, but it’s still…really… stupid.

I’d never heard of them, and now I have. And I’m vaguely interested in what they sell. So I guess you could say the marketing stunt has worked, for me.
OTOH, they say first impressions count, and my first impression of them is that they are not averse to messing their customers around.

“end of their beta”? What does that mean? I didn’t know GoG was in a beta state, I assumed they were shutting down for good. Where are you guys getting this information from?

I agree that if this is a marketing stunt it’s pretty lame, but hopefully it would be replaced with something better (more games, better documentation, etc).

Check the main site linked in the OP.


Ah I see, the site has been updated and it was all a trick. :mad: The people that went to check out my link in the OP saw the updated site. Kind of a shitty thing to interrupt service to paying customers for the sake of some lame marketing stunt. I’ll still get games from them though…