Finally, GOG

I finally signed up for a account yesterday, because clearly I don’t have enough of a video game backlog … actually, truth be told I was looking to see if they had some of the games that I already own, but in a more convenient digital download package so I wouldn’t have to keep track of CDs and whatnot.

So I made a big wishlist and one purchase - Master of Magic. Actually wrapped in Dosbox to work on modern PCs. It feels like home.

“Old man!”

I love that game so much.

No one has managed to make a good remake of masters of magic, every single attempt fails in some way.

Anyone have any standout recommendations on GOG’s selection? Has GOG ever lost the rights to redistribute a game, endangering one’s past purchases?

They recently lost the rights to sell the old Fallout games, but people who had already bought copies of it through them can still download the games.

I had hoped that their arrangements with the companies were structured in that way, but couldn’t find an explicit confirmation on the site. Thanks!

I picked up Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes during the last steam sale, and I think it’s pretty good. It lacks the depth of Master of Magic in several ways, but it’s certainly a worthy high fantasy grand strategy game.

In fact, they went out with a bit of a bang on that note, giving them out for free for a month before the rights went away.

I remain puzzled by people who assert that MOM had ‘depth’. It had lots of OPTIONS, but the game was so broken that to say it had ‘depth’ seems to be unfairly generous to it.

I do like Fallen Enchantress. Haven’t tried Legendary Heroes yet, but I have it.

Fine, breadth, whatever.

Fallen Enchantress is probably the closest thing to a true successor to MOM (that or Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic).

GOG has Dungeon Keeper free through Sunday.

Thanks for the heads-up! I actually own DK on disk, but was thinking of buying at GOG anyway just to avoid the hassle of trying to make it run. Guess I have no reason not to snag it now!

Including those who “bought” the game during its “free Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics 100% off fire sale”.

I completely missed the subtext that the Fallout catalog was going to become unavailable (under existing retail licenses) because Bethesda was about to defeat Interplay in court.

Weird. I’m glad I got those games during the promotion. I loved those games and the entire milieu, and I have no idea how Bethesda would have put them back into the channel. If at all.

I also snagged the D&D game bundle this weekend - $20, approximately, for all the D&D license games on the site.

I literally spent 100s of hours playing Master of Magic and Master of Orion in the early 90s. Loved those games.

The D&D deal seems to come up every couple of months, so don’t trample your grandma to get to it. But be on the lookout for it nonetheless, because it’s great.