Quest for Glory 1 to 5 out on GOG

Quest for Glory was one of my favourite CRPG series ever and now it’s on GOG. Now I can go get my friends to play so they know what I have been ranting about!

Oh wow! I loved the quest for glory series but didn’t get to play the final one, sadly. Maybe I can do that now :slight_smile:

It’s sadly underrated, too. V kicks butt.

I didn’t love 2, though.

Love 1, 3, 4, and 5.

Wish they would revive this series.

I usually skip QfG2 because I find it too timed for me. I may try again with the unofficial remake 2.

Just completed QfG1 in about 6 hours…it makes so much difference when you know the solution to all the puzzles!

Fuck yeah!

Thread is a bit over a month old, hope this doesn’t count as a zombie thread. Mods, be gentle.

OMG, I just found this last night browsing on GoG and I nearly fell out of my chair. Immediate purchase. I loved these games so much.


Anyone know if the serious game-breaking bugs in QFGIV are still in there? That was always my favorite of the serious, but man, that game needed some serious patching and this was long before the internets were commonplace.

I believe that it comes with the fan patches, and running the game on dosbox fixes most of the timing issues

I had not heard of before. I am floored. This is all for reals, legitimate purchases and not some netherworld of possibly illegal repackaging of abandonware?

QfG IV’s biggest"bug" wasn’t one, where you can’t fight the Cthulhu monster to get the scroll or whatever. They based it on the system speed, and it worked fine when 486s were en vogue.

Is the first game 16 color text parser, or 256 color point and click. Also, I’ll plug the fan-made, free QfG II remake. I agree though, hated the timed nature.


Don’t know if it was the “biggest” bug, but back in the day the game always used to bug out in the screen before you could re-enter the starting dungeon. The one where there was a path up, but it was covered in green slime or something slippery. I actually bought the QFG anthology (windows, circa 1999) and this screen always trapped me. It would either bug out on me trying to climb the slippery slope or simply refuse to let me leave this screen.

Yeah I know what you’re talking about. I passed it by walking instead of running. And I think I moved in small increments instead of clicking the destination, until autopilot took over. I have fond memories of John Rhys-Davies repeating the same phrase: “the bush…” “the bush…” “the bush…” etc. IIRC the audio had something to do with the locking up.

Yeah, it’s great. About a week ago I found it had Wing Commander 1+2, and I haven’t stopped smiling since. Again, I actually had (in the past) the Wing Commander Trilogy (circa 1999), which for a time was a highly valued anthology. I don’t know why - the “port” to windows 98/2000 was terrible, and I remember it being a poor substitute for the originals, which I loved back in the mid-90s.

The version is damn near perfect. I’ve used DosBox before, but GOG has it down and tweaked expertly. Wing Commander turns out to be very good on the XBox controller. Glad I picked up this one as well.

Though GoG’s attempts to get the games running aren’t perfect, I had a hell of a time getting Dungeon Keeper 2 to run. It turns out that all I had to do was set all of the graphics settings to the minimum to prevent the crashing, but you wouldn’t expect that on such an old game.

I loved these games. They were one of the few games I replayed because the experience for each class was so different.

Except for Fighter. Fighter smash!

But really, I upgraded him to a Paladin as soon as I could. There was a bug in QfG IV (and III?) where it didn’t read your imported character correctly, and then asked what you meant to import. You could lie and say Paladin.

Later games got more restrictive re: class uniqueness. If you stared in QfG I with a Fighter or Thief, and gave them magic abilities, importing to each game, by the end you would have a F/T/P who had many more mage abilities that one who started from scratch in a latter game. You only got ~4-6 abilities for adding magic in later games, fireball/frost/shock, zap, and detect magic, IIRC.

Actually, I picked up Dungeon Keeper 2 as well. For me (running Win 7) setting the game to Win XP compatibility mode and then running as an admin gets it running ok. I don’t have to minimize the graphics.

But yeah, this was one game where GOG didn’t have DosBox perfectly set. Trying to run it as is I got a black screen and it took 20 minutes of googling to figure out how to get it to run.

What I love is that the game puzzles is different for each class, even the difficulty. While the Fighter tends to have straightforward solutions (smash, throw rocks and etc.), sometimes the solution is more complex because he can’t cast spells or climb trees.

I can only remember getting to the top of the Pegasus’ nest for now. Killing the Kobold in QfG 1 is harder compared than just stealth or the fetch spell too.

Some things were a bit easy for all classes. I remember slaughtering multiple T-Rexes in QfG III just because I would spend lots of time picking up rocks and training up my throwing skill. Oh, I killed them with the aforementioned rocks, not daggers or anything like that. It was literally just 1) keep clicking to throw while it approaches 2) when combat is initiated, flee 3) stop at the edge of a screen and start throwing again.

Watch out for the Antwerp!