King's Quest III Redux - Anyone play it yet?

The same group that remade(and reworked and revised) King’s Quest I and II several years ago has now made King’s Quest III. They also previously remade Quest for Glory 2, doing a great job on that as well.

It’s free and I haven’t played it yet, but am looking forward to it. I’m a big fan of what they did with the first two, especially 2, which they more or less completely remade.

It’s free, too. Available for Apple computers and PC.

I’m stunned I did not hear about this. What a fun group of people.

You can get it here.

Why was I not informed! Thanks for the find, this looks good.

Yeah, they didn’t announce it way in advance this time. They just announced it and released it.

I hope they remake IV sometime. That game was awesome.

Cool! You can also get the remakes of KQ 1 & 2 for free, and Quest for Glory 2, as well.

Yeah, everything is free that is an update/remake.

Their All Emmo game is pretty cool, too. Not amazing, buy pretty neat.

KQ 3 was kind of disappointing to me, once you escape the house the game only has like 3 more scenes. :frowning:

Rock I always wanted to play Q4G but it wouldn’t run on my old PCjr.

Now we need somebody to save homeoftheunderdogs. :frowning:

Is homeoftheunderdogs dying?

You should play Quest for Glory 4. It works fine on my Windows XP computer. It’s a great game, the best of the series.

I got AVG’s QfG 2 remake.

Even though it’s the second newest, QfG4 was actually the worst when it come to modern computers. There’s the part where you have to enter the corpse-hand swamp and retrieve a scroll from one of those Cthulhu-wizards. It would always crash there due to some coding bug that involves not checking the speed of your computer or something. I believe there are workarounds, but you have to watch yourself in that game.

True. You can use “cpukiller” to slow your computer down and the game will work a lot better. It’s how I’ve played it.

Cool, but my least favorite QFG.