I recommend a game for my fellow Dopers

Over the years, many of you have made entertainment recommendations for me, so now I’ll return the favour. Better yet, it’s free.

It’s King’s Quest II: Romancing the Stones

Tierra Entertainment remade King’s Quest II with better graphics and a mouse entertainment. Better yet, the actually re-imagined it, expanding the story and making more puzzles.

My wife and I first played it a couple years ago. We are again and we’re really impressed with it. It comes with voice and music packs to add on. I highly recommend them.

Get it here:

King’s Quest II +

They redid King’s Quest I also, with voice and music as well. They did not, however expand the story or change the puzzles.

After you finish those two, try the re-made King’s Quest III, with improved graphics.

King’s Quest III VGA

By the way, both are legal. Tierra and Infamous Adventures make no money of these. Let me know what you think!

They’re called AGD Interactive now, because Sierra got mad at the name, but doesn’t seem to care about them remaking the games.

Nevermind King’s Quest, they’re remaking Quest for Glory II! The only game in the series to have a max of 16 colors. I really am looking forward to this, especially since I lost the manual required to get past copy protection (Seriously!).

So it seems they are removing the text parser in favor in favor of the mouse-driven system? Even though I started gaming on parser games, I really prefer the new system. It was a pain to find objects in QfG2, and that game had a time limit.

:dubious: You can get a Latin translation for the first KQ.

I agree. I’m excited too for QFG II.

By the way, my gift to you is the manual for the original QFGII.

Quest for Glory II