Good omen or bad?

Having gotten somewhat distracted by a phone call this morning while making pancakes and bacon for breakfast, I had a house full of smoke, So I opened all the doors to let it air out. Being a fairly warm winter day here in Denver I’ve left them open all day.

Sitting here using my computer I noticed movement to my right. There was a pretty little fox walking through my living room about 5 feet away. He gave me an ‘excuse me, just passing through’ look and casually walked out the back door.

Do we have any soothsayers or old wives around? A fox walking through your house has gotta mean something. Am I gonna win the lottery, or will I fall and break my leg tommorrow.

I think the real question is how many of this fox’ friends are still chillin’ in your crib.

That’s pretty cool, wolfman.

Me, I say it’s a good omen, because I like the little foxies and believing it’s a good omen will make me happy. Now, why I saved the following info, I don’t know, maybe an art project I was going to do. I also don’t know where I found this info, just on-line. In any case, the first is a list of what a fox as your animal spirit guide means. The paragraph is just a collection of info most of us already knew, but here ya go anyway.

Observational skills
Feminine courage
Ability to observe unseen
the red fox itself is a creature of many mystical qualities. It is thought to represent sexuality as well as the well-known stereotype of craftiness. Today, for example, we have terms such as “foxy woman” and “sly as a fox” and “clever fox” and some have argued that these phrases are feministic or degrading ( But the fox has been thought magical for many centuries because it is nocturnal and is out during the times fairies and other mythical creatures roam the woods and is easiest seen during dusk and dawn, the “Between Times.” These times were thought to be when the space between this and the world of the fairies was the closest, and the fox could show you the way between them ( In dream terms, though, and perhaps ironically, the killing of a fox symbolizes success.

I don’t know about omens, but if I were you, I’d want to make sure the little fox didn’t leave any “gifts.” :smiley:

Sounds like a good omen to me! Last summer, Bluesman and I were out walking on base in the evening, and saw a mated pair of red foxes out hunting. They got really very close to us. They would range out, and then kind of “check in” with each other by touching noses. It was very cool.

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, Bluesman would like you to know that the red fox’s latin name is Vulpes vulpes.

Duh. We all watch cartoons. :smiley:

A fox entered your house? That’s amazing. What kind of bad-ass foxes do you guys have there, anyway? Dutch foxes (no, not the ones in the red light district, you perves!) always run off when they spot me. I’ve seen maybe 4 or 5 of them in my entire life.

Maybe I smell bad? :slight_smile:

Scratch the cartoon remark. That would apply to whatever the Latin name for a coyote is.

I’m sorry, it’s late. Plus, I blame the Lindemans estate in Karadoc, Victoria, Australia for my screw-ups tonight. :slight_smile:

Hey, at least you have good taste in wine, Coldfire!

I’m nothing if not sophisticated, samarm.

::belch:: :slight_smile:

I didn’t know their were foxes in Dutchland, don’t their wooden shoes make too much noise to sneak up on their prey?

The Urban Wildlife around here is pretty badass. There’s a couple times of actually I grabbed and threw squirrels before they would get away from my garbage. And there was a huge racoon(I’d guess about 40 pounds) who ran up and dumped my Garbage can about 8 feet from me, then he gave me a ‘You wanna make something of it?.’ I may be one of the few people alive who has ever chased a racoon down the street with a katana. Skunks walk around locked and loaded as well.

Well, the prey all smoke weed, so they’re too stoned to hear the foxes clogging along. :smiley:

I’d say it’s an omen of bacon.

Kakkerlak, I’ve always been meaning to ask: Dutch heritage?