Good Performances from People You Don't Normally Like

Example…not a fan of Prince…but the song “Purple Rain” is fantastic.

Same for John Goodman…don’t like him much…but was great in Argo and also as Acting President Glenallen Walken way back when in “The West Wing”.

Pretty much anything Meryl Streep does. I acknowledge her greatness as an actor - I just never want to see her in anything. Ever.

Is she great? I’m not even sure I doubt it, but I’ve never seen her be particularly amazing in anything.

Thank Og someone else doesn’t like her. I feel like she is a throw back to the 30s in some ways and over-acts.

golffan1963: I think John Goodman is almost always good. He is like a poor man’s Alan Arkin in that respect so having them play of each other in **Argo **was great. Now Ben Affleck is normally a crappy actor but he impressed me in Argo. Other then that I like the way his character worked in Mallrats.

Tom Cruise occasionally surprises me but over all he plays Tom Cruise and unlike a Jack Nicholson or Samual L. Jackson, his character is not one that is compelling or interesting to me. Top Gun, Top Driver, Top Lawyer, Top Bartender, Top etc. burnt me out on Tom Cruise a long time ago but yet I liked some of his earliest stuff & Mission Impossible.

Meryl Streep has the most nominations of all time for an actor. Tied for wins I believe. Her fans are very numerous and usually think I’m nuts when I complain about her. So the 3 of us are missing something about her style that the majority seem to love.

Madonna. Not a fan of her pop songs, but I love her ballads.

Sean Penn. I’d like to say that I am boycotting him for his lefty politics, but in truth, he just makes movies about subjects that don’t interest me. I will acknowledge that he is a great actor. On the rare occasions when he makes a film with an actor I do want to see, Penn always gives a good performance. (Carlito’s Way and We’re No Angels are the only ones I can think of at the moment.)

Oh, I know all about her success and acclaim. I even think she is totally fine as an actress. I don’t think it is just us 3. I think she is a good example of “snowball down a hill” acclaim. It just rolls on for no reason.

Maybe we need another thread for just this topic. Her popularity fascinates me.

I was never impressed by Chris Pine until I saw him in Hell Or High Water.

Never cared much for Nicolas Cage, but enjoyed him in “Next”

She can coast for the rest of her career just on Sophie’s Choice in my opinion.

Mystic River

My impression of Kirsten Dunst was that she always looked like a dead halibut. Then I saw her in Fargo, Season 2. Holy shit, that was impressive.

I always detested James Spader, but admit he was funny and good in the TV series "Boston Legal."

Ditto for William Shatner in the same series.

I still think Keanu Reeves is the worst actor in Hollywood, but he did OK in the movie “The Replacements” as the QB.

Leo DiCaprio really won me over and proved his acting skills when he played Howard Hughes in* The Aviator.*

Don’t forget Cruise in “Top Samurai!” LOL. I was never a big fan and thought he could never pull that roll off convincingly, but he did. (“The Last Samurai”).

I think Heather Graham has shown how bad an actor she is in just about everything. Her weaknesses were perfectly in line with her character in Boogie Nights.

Similarly Hayden Christensen is terribly wooden in everything he does. His weaknesses worked perfectly for his character in Shattered Glass.

Nicolas Cage. Terrible actor, period. However, he hit it in City of Angels.

Whatever merits she may have as an actress, when I watch Meryl Streep I always think “Oh! That’s Meryl Streep pretending she’s ____________________.” I’m never conscious of the character.

Tom Cruise was outstanding in Rain Man. I also enjoyed Top Gun, as a guilty pleasure. But what he’s done with Mission: Impossible leaves me absolutely cold.

A critic I read once said something like, “Someone deserved a Best Actor Oscar for Rain Man - but it wasn’t Dustin Hoffman.”

I think Edge of Tomorrow was made with Cruise’s anti-fans in mind.

John Goodman is a freakin’ chameleon, I swear. My BF is always saying “look, it’s John Goodman!” and I say Naaah, but it is.

Tom Cruise for his turn in Interview With a Vampire. The only time I ever felt he wasn’t Tom Cruising.

Not an Affleck fan either, but recently watched the Accountant, and that performance has really stuck with me.

Never was a fan of Ray Romano, but he was great in “The Big Sick”