Good place to get state inspection in North Dallas?

I need to get a car inspection, but seeing as it is so expensive nowadays I would like know if there is somewhere that isn’t super-douper picky. Not crooked, mind you, just somewhere where they won’t try to find every little thing wrong with my car.

I need to find a place as well. In fact my inspection is now about a week overdue. I went to Toyota of Richardson last year and they said I was so close to failing that this year I’d most surely need some work to pass. I don’t know, but that seems strange for a 3 year old Toyota to be that far off. I did drive by a place that offers inspections somewhere off of either Parker or Spring Creek (if you mean Plano when you say North Dallas). It was in an old service station, but I don’t know the cost or anything. I’ll probably be looking for it within the next few days.

Honestly, I got my TDL 22 years ago and I have never been to a “super-douper picky” inspection station. A couple of stations have checked more closely than others, but those times may have just been due to the inspector waking up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

Unless you’re sure that your car will not pass, I’d just try a Wal-Mart. The inspectors are just working stiffs and don’t have a personal investment in the business. Besides if you fail, you have thirty days to fix any problems before you have to pay for a second inspection.