Good puzzles for Dopers

I was able to get all but 7 and 9 on my own. 9 I could get with the hint, and 7 I just give up.

But I have gotten three others since then! Can I keep my card?

looks at seven

The goal of seven is You need to move the black circles so that the little target/odometer things are at zero. If you do this right, it will turn a light blue. After that is done, you just lay the chain thing on top to match the lengths between the circles.

Hmm that was one of the things I had tried to do on 9, but I must have screwed it up somewhere, but it worked fine this time.

:smack: again. I saw wolfman’s question about 7 and needing a good eye and assumed without looking that they were talking about what is actually 8. I have to admit that I tried to eyeball 8 for the first while too.

Somehow, my hint remains applicable, just not as clearly so. :smack:

Ok, this is rifuckingdiculous. Regarding number 8:

For whatever fucking reason, I can’t cut the leftmost vertical wood pipe to the right size. I have sawn it 20+ times! I’ve had it exactly in the middle of both dark grey areas. I’m at fucking wits end. Either I’m doing something wrong or my browser is fucked up in that area or something. And of course, that was the first one I attempted so I figured I had the whole concept wrong for the first 15 minutes. I have all the others in place but this one. Strangely, on the other hand, I got number 7 instantly.

I had the same problem at first. It worked after I shut down the game and then tried it again.

By the way, for those of us really having problems making sense of #2 and #3, be sure to have your sound/speakers ON. I was a bit frustrated before I realized you needed it.

Haha, I just came in here to post that I must be dumb because I can’t get 2 and 3.

Oops, I was also stuck badly on #10 because I again turned the sound off here at work!

So - not only am I dumb, I also have bad hearing…great.

For #2, I know exactly what I’m supposed to do - and even when I’ve done it, only one stream is clear enough for me to understand it. The other three could be anything (well, not anything - but each has at least one word that I can’t understand at all)

Woo! 1 hour 9 minutes… with hints.


#2 says:

1: 8 minus 6
2: 12 minus 10 plus 1
3: 3 multiplied by 3
4: 20 minus 24 plus 4

OK, I’ve done them all on my own (after reading that 2, 3, and 10 need sound) but cannot get #9. I read the hint, I did what the hint said, but no luck.

It should look like this. (Last ditch link - answer, not a hint)

Oh, I forgot to add, BEFORE you click on that link, try one last hint.

Intersecting boxes should match. Move the slider and keep an eye on the boxes.

OK, got it, I clicked the link briefly (before I had time to actually notice what colors were where) and realized that ALL intersecting boxes had to match. For some reason, I was thinking it was just the boxes that line up when the slider was all the way down had to match. :smack:

It took me 1:22:51, but with the hint. Number nine alone took me about fifteen minutes at least.

I can’t even get started on #3.

Never mind. My husband helped me figure it out.

Wow! Seriously cool. Time of 2:12. # 8 gave me fits – I had pieces keep disappearing on me so I had to re-cut them. Took a while before I read the hint to turn on the sound. That helped a lot!