Good puzzles for Dopers

I’ve done the first 4 and they’re really clever. Figured some of you would like em.

Is something wrong with my computer? I get the opening message but then it’s just a black screen. No amount of clicking, dragging, or typing does anything. ??? Or is that the puzzle?

That’s the puzzle. You just can’t make any sense of it until you have one thousand posts and recieve your DoperVision[TM] goggles in the mail.

I had no problem with the 1st 4 as well, so long as the 1st 3 were to have lines of text scroll across a black screen and disappear, and the 4th was to have a black square that resisted all attempts to do anything!

Hmm. After the flash intro there should be a green arrow that, when clicked, will bring you to a blue screen with “ClickDragType” at the top and 10 different puzzle icons.

I see them just fine. Working on #7 now. It’s a bit tricky, as it appears that you have to get things just ***exactly ***the right size


Well I’ve got them all except 4, 7, and 9

  1. I’m pretty sure I get 90% of what to do, but just missing the last step

  2. I just don’t think I have a good enough eye to get it exact enough

  3. No clue what I’m supposed to do at all.

And I just got 4, three seconds away from it and it all makes sence, damn i’m stupid sometimes.

Woohoo got 7, now only 9 stands in defiance

Yeah, it looks like number nine is a bitch. Got the others, though.

I’m stuck on 7 and 9.

Went through all of them no issue. Still took one hour, thirteen minutes, forty seconds.

Very nice series of ‘random’ puzzles compared to other Web games I’ve found. I’m still at a loss as to what to do on 9, but I’ve got all the others.

Hint for 7:You have more tools than it seems at first.

That is, I’m pretty sure I understand all the mechanics of 9, just not the goal, and I’ve tried several different goals without success.

The goal of nine is to make squares which perfectly overlap be the same exact color.

Thanks, that did it. How did you figure that out? Astute observation of the way they moved? Thinking through what kinds of things he could possibly want you to do?

I ‘finished’ in 1:11:53, but it doesn’t really count because I had to use a hint. 9 probably took me a good fifteen minutes trying various things before the hint, even. :smack:

Only thing I thought of that could be the goal.

I did the first four and then the crushing demands of my stupid job came crashing back down on me. In a perfect world, I’d get paid to do puzzles and I’d occassionally create a user account or something. :slight_smile:

I may have to turn in my doper card - I can’t get the first one.

I think I’m supposed to move the little green thing in the lock so they match the key? I think I’m supposed to enter something into the box and click the arrow? But I’m missing that last bit to tell me what to actually do.