Good, recent bumper stickers


Is that a play on redshift /blueshift ?

Yep, blueshift. Back of the envelope guess is that you’d have to be closing in 1/3rd of the speed of light to actually blue shift visible red into blue

Just saw a different one today (same phrase, different typeface)

Then why is Bush visible?

I had that on my first car, back when I was a teenager. I thought it was hilarious. Looking back I wonder WTF was so funny…


Oh god, I want that bumper sticker so bad!

Saw a couple today, that weren’t really funny on their own, but coupled with what I guess was the vanitey plate on the car became hysterical. The bumper stickers were:
Life is a witch, and then you fly
Magic Happens

The vanitey plate was:
666 NRG :smiley:

Not a bumper sticker, but I recently saw a Mini Cooper with a ‘key’ in the back of it. The key spun in the wind, and the effect made it look like an old fashioned wind-up car. A little twee for my tastes, but I was still impressed with the creativity.

I got my husband one that reads “My wife’s other car is a broom” but he’s too picky about his Prius to put a bumper sticker on it.

Go on, make yourself happy!


Honk if You’re Jesus

Your Daughter LOVES this car

SATAN INSIDE (Based on “Intel Inside” Logo)

I wouldn’t drive a Hummer if you gave me one…

Seen on a rusted out beater - “This car cost me $150,000 - It was awarded to me after the divorce”


“Republicans for Voldemort” buttons were all over Comic-Con this year.

I’ve seen a variation of Jeep’s Phoenix’s sticker that says:

**Alcohol Tobacco Firearms

Should be a convenience store, not a government agency! **

(awesome trade)

Tricky Dick and his pet monkey

Saw this recently at a porn store:

I Found Jesus
He was behind the couch the whole time.

I love That one. A family came in the store today and the Mom had a purse with a Bible verse and the teenage son had a “praise Jesus” Tshirt. My gut reaction was " Oh Man, that’s really too bad"

My friend gave me one that said

Pro Life and Pro War?
I’m anti-hypocrite thanks!

I saw one a week or so ago that said:

Bush/Cheney '04
No billionaire left behind. No child left a dime.

That one had me snickering for quite a while.

Beware a man of one book. -English proverb

An older one I saw in our parking lot & still like first appeared in late 2004:

Re-defeat George Bush

Kinda says it all.

My husband and I saw this one while driving cross country:

Eagles may soar,
but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.