Good, recent bumper stickers

Just saw these today:

“The Rapture is not an exit strategy.”

“I’m already against the next war.”

What have you seen lately that made you laugh, or think?

Well, here in the Middle East, I see lots of Thank Godness and the occasional Hezbollah bumper sticker. Do they count???

Don’t see many of those around here.

Last summer, during the war, blue-on-white bumper stickers stating “We’re Going To Win” were very popular. A few months later, I spotted a sticker - same font, same color - that read:

“We’ll Settle On A Tie”

Cracked me up, in a morbid sort of way.

My kid is an honor student but my President is a moron.

If we aren’t supposed to eat people, why are they made of meat?

New Orleans: Proud to swim home. [Including a picture of some houses underwater]

Hardly ever see bumper stickers these days.

My all-time favorite: I think you left the stove on

“If you were any closer I’d be pregnant”

One day some friends and I saw a car driven by a rather cute young woman. It had the following bumper stickers:

“I’m only driving so fast because I really have to poop”

That gave us a laugh, but the next one:

“At least pull my hair if you’re going to ride my ass”

was even funnier.

On the back of a Honda Element: The Hummer “H”, and “.5”

Took me a minute, but I love it.

Every now and again I’ll print my own bumper stickers. My last two were:


and, after our VP popped his friend in the face:

If you can’t trust him with a GUN
How can you trust him with a WAR?

My faves from our parking lot @ work:

“I love my country. I fear my government.”

“Who Are These Kids, And Why Are They Calling Me Mom?”

And one I’d like to do up myself…“Talk Is Cheap. Shut Up And DRIVE!”

Not a bumper sticker, but a decal that is put on your front windshield for others to see in their mirror…
Move over!

I like “In case of rapture, can I have your car?”

I have that shirt. My husband and kids gave it to me for Mother’s Day.

On the back of a pickup truck: “CAUTION: I have PMS and I carry a gun”

On the back of a Rolls-Royce: “My other car is a Bentley.” That one cracked me up because I couldn’t picture somebody spending a hundred grand on a Rolls and slapping a bumper sticker on it. I also couldn’t picture someone who didn’t think owning a Rolls was “show-offish” enough, and needed to advertise that he owned a Bentley.

This one isn’t a bumper sticker, but I saw a guy on a Harley with a t-shirt that was printed upside-down. It said, “If you can read this, turn me over and put me back on my bike.”

Seen recently:

“Draft all the SUV drivers first”

January 20, 2009
End of an error.

Two recent ones:

  • “Be nice, or we’ll bring democracy to your country.”

  • “That’s okay. I wasn’t using my civil liberties anyways.”

“Republicans for Voldemort”

John McCain for President of Mexico

In the back window of an Element:

“You’ve just been passed by a shoe box.”