Good riddance to a traitorous asshole,5936,3191386%5E954,00.html

I can’t even think of a decent rant. I hope he suffers long, painful, lingering death on the Taleban front lines.

Something sounds phony here…My BS sense is tingling…

Yeah, me too. But this evidently is a real story. I thought it sounded like New York Post material, and yep, there it was.

So it’s considerably more complex than the simplistic “Traitor!” headline would make it out to be.

And evidently Damon Johnston similarly specializes in over-simplification for his Down Under readership, in painting with a broad brush. His other stuff that’s posted on the Web is similarly oversimplified.,6093,2987575,00.html,5936,3180143%5E904,00.html

He’s a New York correspondent for the “News Limited” of Australia.

Was about to say the story’s bullshit, but then I thought, “Gee, the New York is shocked like sounds an awful lot like a New York Post story.”

SHITSHITSHITSHIT. Just previewed and saw that DDG got here before me. And found a copy of the story too! I’ve been scooped. SHITSHITSHITSHIT.

Geez, Ducks. You rock! I want to have ducklings with you.*

*We’ll discuss the Mad Hatter thread later…

What, did the guy hold a press conference before he left? How did they get a quote from him? Why would he talk to an American reporter before he left?
Somebody isn’t playing by the rules…

Oh, yeah, Spooje, he gave interviews and everything, but not in America–in London and Pakistan.

That’s what I’m saying, it’s more complex. Here’s somebody who sees his chance for his 15 minutes, plus his grampa always told him, “You’re a Moslem, so stick with the Moslems”, plus the kids at the Catholic school never wanted to play with him. So it’s Payback Time for America, plus he gets to be on the tee-vee.

It’s sad, really.

I’d want to see some confirmation that his mother actually was rescued from the trade center.

Fuck you guys.

If fuckwhit wanted to kill Americans why didn’t he just stay here. After all America is a fine place to find Americans.

I’d give him 10 mins with me or any of my buds. Shit we’d line up to give him the chance.

No this pussy did what all pussies do. Yell “I’ll kick your ass” as he ran away.

Good fucking riddance.

Since his parents immigrated in '67, and he’s only 26 years old, I’ll assume he was born in the U.S. and is, therefore, a U.S. citizen. His statement and more importantly his actions to join the Taliban to kill Americans makes him, by definition, a traitor. I hope we can catch him, for he will surely be hanged. (well, lethally injected)

Asshole is too good of a word to describe it.

I second that emotion EvilGhandi!

I heard about this earlier today. Rather sick individual. I say send the butthead back to Pakistan if that is where he so longs to be.

And then he ran away.

Im just guessing,

But I think Jon is taking issue with the fact I only post on friday night.

Sorry if it appears to be running away to you, but unlike some of you I do not check my threads by the hour.

I used to post daily but became so disgusted with the cowards on board I had to curtail my participitation to once a week.

This was for my sanity. It agravated me to homicidal levels when I read some of the members comments.

Now that the board is settled a bit and it has been a couple of months (almost) since the incedent that got my hair up, I may return to daily posting.

But Understand, I am still angry. In fact furious. That anyone would dare attack America and not think to suffer the most extreme of consequense.

And that there are those among me who would support them.

I think this situation is highly instructive about the mindset of the people we are dealing with.

But of course, that requires that we pay attention.

Good god Stoid,

What the heck are you talking about.

Christ, you might have well said " we must remain forever vigelent".

But someone already said that.

Spider-Man has his Spidey Sense. Were you perhaps bitten by a radioactive dung beetle or something?


Atleast he left America. It’s the ones that stay here and have his feelings that we need to worry about. He’ll get his on the battleground. On the homefront we don’t know who these people are.

According to the British press several of our Moselms have gone to fight in the Jihad. And a fair few have been quoted as being saying they support theier cause.

The first time I read these stories I hoped they would go and . . . .not come back.

But know I only wish that they would not fight at all but try and and live in peace in a place where they were born and brought up.

In general, I see this as perfect example of the effect religious extremism has on people.