Good riddance to a traitorous asshole

WHy would they send him to a Catholic school? That doesn’t even make sense!

Guinastasia, I agree that they were out of their minds to send him to Catholic school. Esp. in view of the viewpoint they presumably knew his grandfather was working to instill in him.

But in NYC, the secular pvt schools are very expensive. If you feel that you absolutely can’t let your child attend the neighborhood public school due to its needing upgrading to qualify as 4th rate, and you can’t afford a non-religious pvt school, Catholic school can look like a good choice. It’s way less expensive then any other non-public school.

It would be interesting to talk to the chap after a few months, to see if his extreme religious faith holds up to what he’ll find over there. If he’s been living in the US since he was born, I can only guess at the magnitude of the shock he’ll receive, traveling to a country with far fewer comforts than he found here.

I think my bullshit meter is right over to full deflection, the needle is way over.

A story like this would be a major exclusive for the team that networked it first.

This has not been reported on ITN news up to date which is a surprise since there are allegedly four British Muslims, from Luton I think, who have gone to Afghanistan and reportedly been killed - which is convenient since now they cannot be inerviewed and the story verified.

So why is there nothing at all when I go to the ITN webby and do a search there when they were supposed to have interviewed him ?

The language is very simplistic almost schoolboyish and it has a very British ring to it, it’s just the phrasing of it it does not seem very American to me.
Perhaps it has more to do with the fact that the journalist, Damon Johnston, is an Aussie working in NY, so perhaps he has used his own words, and tried to disguise them, to convey what he thinks the highly elusive Junaid might say.

No pictures of him, now that is such a surprise.

Doing a search on his name reveals that a certain Mohammed Junaid was arrested in India in 1998 for terrorist offences.

All the other folk by that name who came up seem blameless, and a search reveals nothing that might link a person of that name to New York or September 11, or the Taliban.

In DDG’s link

I see there is a picture of someone holding a magazine with something like “Battlefield Afghanistan” on the front of it, it looks very odd to me given that the interview is alleged to have taken place as he was waiting to cross the border into Taliban territory, I dunno but I just wonder at that magazine being so readily to hand, printed in English and yet in the headquarters of “an extremist muslim group” in Lahore, Pakistan.

The article claims that he had spoken to British Muslims, in particular one Abdul Salem, on their way to do the same thing, and guess what, the alledged interview with them in the Sun newspaper has them saying almost exactly what he said except the killing of Americans is replaced by “killing British soldiers”

Well to those of you who do not know of *** The Sun*** newspaper all I can say is that the only thing you can believe unreservedly in any issue of it is the price printed on the front, it really is a load of bollocks(well-tits really since that’s what it is best known for).

That said, when I went to their webby and used their search guess what ? Nope, not a thing about the mysterious Abdul Salem.

This looks like an invented story that has been picked up by another agency, it’s how some stories gain credibility, if there are lots of sources they must be true eh ? Even if it’s all just ripped off one originator.

casdave, you rock. Now where the hell is Hoffa?

Sorry, to disappoint you EG, but I haven’t kept track of your posting habits to know whether you post hourly, daily, weekly or only during The Bon’s Semi-Annual White Sale.

The point I was trying to make is that it’s just as easy for you to make brash statements about kicking ass as it is for our ingrateful Pakistani friend to claim he’s going to Afhganistan to kill Americans. I’m sure he’s read your post and is quaking in his turban.

My earlier statement wasn’t over whether what he said was offensive; I was stating my doubts about the legitimacy of his claims. Anybody can make claims that they knew or were someone who escaped from the WTC towers, so why should I get my dander up over some asshole who says his mom was in the tower, but he’s going to kill Americans anyway? Why should I give him the satisfaction?

So he wants to kill Americans? Tell him he’s going to have to wait in line.