good sex definition

Can you define sex as the physical act of reproduction? For most animals its a mechanical, instinct driven activity. But for the most advanced humans, a lot of nontangible factors are thrown in (such as desire, mood,love?,…). It seems to be the best arrangement for pairing up by humans since every society has developed it. OK, given all that. How would you define sex that was outside this definition. Is it deviant sex? bad sex?

The overall question is: Is there a non religious, non legal, non societal definition of sex?

I was going to say ** DRUNKEN SEX ** but then I noticed the ***non societal *** sex comment.

hehe…besides…drunken sex doesn’t always happen. Never experienced brewers droop myself. …but back to the OP!

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I got confused on this OP. Is it “good sex” definition or
good “sex” definition.

At any rate, “a sharing of genetic material” may suffice.

The original question is a good universal definition of sex as it relates to humans. I know the religious one about married couples, the biological one between a male and female of a species.

My thought is: Have we bastardized the definition to include physical contact that results in organism for one of the parties?

sex pron: (seks), —n.
[li]either the male or female division of a species, esp. as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions.[/li][li]the sum of the structural and functional differences by which the male and female are distinguished, or the phenomena or behavior dependent on these differences.[/li][li]the instinct or attraction drawing one sex toward another, or its manifestation in life and conduct.[/li][li]coitus.[/li][li]genitalia.[/li][li]to have sex, to engage in sexual intercourse.[/li][/list=1]

That just might be the funniest thing I’ve read today. Reminds me of high-school biology classes where during one lesson the teacher verbally confused orgasm with organism. Repeatedly. And she wasn’t teaching us about sex…

sorry about the “organisms”. spell check cant keep you from being an idiot. I should have written “gotten their jollies”.