Good shortwave radio stations?

I used to listen a while back but it seems like now stations are off the air or I cannot pick them up. I think a lot of stuff moved to the web.

How long ago is “a while back”? I know BBC World Service pretty much shut down its broadcasts to North America (6175 kHz, I think) over a decade ago, claiming that it was already readily available through (what is now) SiriusXM and a number of cable companies (where you could hook up the coax to a receiver’s FM antenna input).

Also, Radio Australia pretty much shut down three years ago.

There’s not much need for shortwave any more; pretty much anything you could get from shortwave radio, you can get directly online now.

around 20 years ago. Some US stations rented time to militia/anti-government /racist groups and I read that after 9/11 those people got kicked off the air . Some got kicked off earlier after the OK city bombing in 1995.

A few decades ago with marginal equipment you could pick up stations like the BBC and Radio Netherlands. But as stated these services targeted toward the U.S. have ended. So now I think you would need to get serious equipment if you want to hear much shortwave–much of which would be targeted to other countries (or use the web as mentioned above). I think various religious broadcasters are still available.

Here is a list of shortwave stations, both past and current.

we have a local classical music station that used to rebroadcast BBC news via shortwave . I assume now they just use a web feed.

Here’s a Wikipedia quote about the demise of the Radio Netherlands shortwave service that seems to cover the global “demise” of shortwave radio:

“The English-language shortwave broadcasts to North America were discontinued on 26 October 2008, due to a survey that claimed that more listeners listened to RNW podcasts than listened on shortwave radio.”

Another one, about the Voice of Russia’s (formerly Radio Moscow) termination of its shortwave service:

“We will stop using obsolete radio broadcasting models, when the signal is transmitted without any control and when it is impossible to calculate who listens to it and where.”

Pretty much the only thing I listen to on shortwave today is WWV - and with more and more devices having their clocks set from WWVB, who knows how long the shortwave service will last.

About a year ago, I bought a pocket radio that can receive AM, FM, and short wave stations. I was all excited, thinking about all the awesome short wave stations I’d be able to pick up. It turns out that the only short wave station I can get is some fucking Christian talk station. :mad: