Good site that builds PC to spec (Need answer fast)

MY pc died and I need a new one.

What is a good site online that will build a custom pc, where I pick each part from what they have available?

So far I have found magicmicro which beats Fry’s on price. Any better out there? I am in the US.


The term you want to use in your google search is “custom pc”. I’ve never ordered a build to my spec PC.

What are you looking for? I own a computer shop.

If you look at my thread in marketplace I specced out a system with similar quality parts to falcon, beat the price, and I can beat them on shipping charges/delivery dates.

With all due respect to drachillix, I strongly suggest you find a local firm with a decent reputation so that in the event that something does go wrong, you can get things sorted soonest.

I am a local…oh you mean local to him :smiley: